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Beyond Mortal Dreams To Release Dreaming Death EP

Beyond Mortals Dream 2013

Based out of Adelaide, Australia, Beyond Mortal Dreams's EP "Dreaming Death" unearths savage incarnation of death metal darkness. Expect a merciless blast of desolate bestiality and epic devastation hitting hard on all frontiers. As cliché as that sounds, this is the real deal, kids. At only four songs long, this EP proved dynamite comes in small packages; it's overflowing with creativity, skill and own vision of how death metal brutality should sound. It's the understanding to the aesthetics of the genre going hand in hand with undeniable talent that allowed Beyond Mortal Dreams to create such an unrestrained sonic assault.

Club Muzik To Host Second Edition Of Power Jam

Club Muzik Power Jam II

The Club Muzik will host its second edition of Power Jam on the 20th of April, 2013 at Oinam, Manipur. It is an event for rock bands and artist to showcase and share their musical talents in a common platform. This PJ will witness fifteen rock bands of the state (Manipur) coming together to perform and exchange musical presentations. It is a launchpad for young, amateur and semi-pro bands and artist who are committed to strive to the next level.

Club Muzik's Power Jam II Has Been Postponed

Club Muzik Power Jam Postponed

Club Muzik have issued the following statement about Power Jam II:

"Club Muzik respects the various protest raised condemning the untoward incident at National Highway No. 37 (Imphal - Jiribam) which lead to the death of a transport driver Babu Singh on 17th April, 2013. As a mark of respect and seriousness towards the social emotions of the state we share our deep sorrow towards the family and friends of the deceased soul. Club Muzik along with Tiddim 34 & Friends, Oinam Sports Association and various associated organizations of Oinam in consideration for the safety of the fans, bands, technical equipment’s and crews postponed the Oinam's Power Jam ll without further notice or date."

D.O Messiah Announces 'Mirka Kiril Rantanen' As Drummer

Mirka Kiril Rantanen Drummer

D.O Messiah announces the addition of Mirka Kiril Rantanen (Thunderstone, Warmen, Kotipelto) for the band’s drummer position. Rantanen is known for his work as a drummer for bands like Timo Tolkki`s Revolution Reneissance, Idols-winner Ari Koivunen, Northern Kings and many others. His style of playing drums is groovy and "hard hitting" which is mixture of his biggest idols Cozy Powell and Ian Paice.

Heavenwood Parts Ways With Guitarist, Announces Replacement

Heavenwood Vítor Carvalho 2013

Portuguese dark metallers Heavenwood have parted ways with longtime guitarist Bruno Silva and have replaced him with Vítor Carvalho, Demon Dagger’s axeman and guitar-virtuoso (pictured below and check him in action at: Vítor Carvalho will make his live debut with Heavenwood next Saturday, the 20th April in Benavente. In this very special show that will take place at Side B Lounge Live Club, also Daniel Cardoso, who recorded the drums on the 'Redemption' (2008) and 'Abyss Masterpiece' (2011) albums and played with the band during this period will take care again of the drums.

Slidhr Streaming Second Single Titled Hex


Slidhr Second Single Hex

A second song, "Hex", of the debut Slidhr album is now available for streaming at the following location. Their long-awaited first album, "Deluge", will be released on May 24th in Europe (May 28th in North America) via Debemur Morti Productions. The sumptuous 6-panel Digipack CD is now available for pre-order at Pre-orders will be dispatched around April 30th. The front cover was conceived by Slidhr mastermind J. Deegan and the layout assembled by Kontamination Design. 


01. Wielding Daggers

02. Hex

03. Earth's Mouth Opens

04. Symbols Obscuring

05. Rejoin The Dirt

06. Their Blood

07. Death Of The Second Sun

08. Unseen

09. As The Dead

10. Rays like Blades

The entity of Slidhr is that of pure hopelessness and desolation. Scion of the Black Stream, flowing into hollow vessels and the miasma to all creatures of the earth. Slidhr is the illumination of the hidden serpent, removed of its black shroud, draining the vitality of very existence itself.

An understanding of Slidhr is an understanding of the overwhelming essence of death.

Slidhr is the exultation to a dead realm, itself a spark in a realm of nothingness, so far removed from recurring banality. It is creeping death enveloping the empty body of man, a great plague decimating mortal unity.


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