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Soma Dutta

Soma Dutta

cialis for sale no prescription Soma Dutta is a 22 year old student and music lover from Kolkata. A story teller at heart. She tells her stories through music, photographs, designs, and words.  Loves to travel off to the hills once in a while. Musical influences- Eric Clapton, Santana, Steve Vai, John Mayer, Amyt Datta, The Corrs, Radiohead, Mutemath, Dido, KT Tunstall, Norah Jones , Diana Krall among others.

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Susheela Raman-Raise Up

Accutane Nose Smaller Online Susheela Raman Raise Up Single Review When it comes to the confluence of world sounds, Susheela Raman does it like never before! The British-born Tamil singer/ songwriter is widely known and sought after as the one of a kind performer, the amalgamation of an Indian voice with Blues, Rock, and Soul and other western styles. The single RAISE UP is exemplary of just that.

Joshish-Betukay Joshish Betukay Single

Xlpharmacy Periactin Otc After hitting the right chords on stage, JOSHISH is all set to take the studio track with their new release, BETUKAY. The five year old Progressive/Experimental Rock band from Bhopal, consisting of  Sameer Rahat- Bass, Lead Vocals; Shwetang Shankar- Drums, Backup Vocals; Shatarchi Hundet- Lead Guitars; Amit Mishra- Studio/Guitars; and Samar Mehdi- Guitars/Keyboards and Vocals,  has earned itself quite a following with their stage acts. But what has got their followers wondering is whether they will be able to convert their energy on stage to the recording studio. BETUKAY  is the answer – Yes, they can!

Raeth-Hum Yaadon Ke Sang

follow url Pakistan’s Pop-Rock band RAETH first hit the limelight back in 2006 when their first single BHULA DO, made it to all the top channels in India and Pakistan. However, their success story was pretty short lived as the rest of the songs from their first album failed to make a similar impact. From being a trio initially with Wajhi Farooqi on vocals, Hassan Farabi on guitar, and Mustafa Asad on bass, the band now has only two members Wajhi and Farabi, and after 4 long years, they released their second album HUM YAADON KE SANG in 2010 under UNIVERSAL MUSIC.

Fire Exit-Ok Bye(E.P)

here FireExitOkByeReview
Delhi based band FIRE EXIT’s 6 track- EP, OK BYE, released earlier this year, is bound to be a breath of fresh air for the Indian Music scene. The band consisting of Subhadra Kamath on Vocals, Aashish Mandhwani on Guitars/Vocals, Aditya Roy on Bass, Varun Gupta on Tabla, Arjun Shankar on Guitars and Tejasvi Agarwal on Drums are a hugely promising bunch, playing their stuff with amazing virtuosity.

Kaav-Kaav(E.P) KaavReview
An Indian trio playing Instrumental music is not something we get to hear about often. And then, we have KAAV, a band based in Vypin Island, Cochin, that is set to break all notions. Personally, I feel instrumental albums have low attention span, and without vocals, all the attention is paid towards the music, technical and melodic strength, which is a real tough task to accomplish. However, KAAV’s three- track EP quite does make the cut. And, with Baiju Dharmajan on board for the production, it certainly cannot get better.

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