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Arun Kumar(KAAV): Interview


IMR: Hello Arun! First and foremost thing, I would like to congratulate you guys on behalf of Team IMR for the release of your debut E.P; an album that is sure to catch attention. How does it feel to have accomplished that step in such a short duration of time?
Hi Praveen. Even though the band was formed in 2009, Shyam and Shabeer were making music for a long time. They had already composed tracks like DAYA. After I joined, we could materialize so many creative ideas that were in a stale state without the presence of drums. What I feel is that the E.P is a result of collective experiences we had as musicians in our respective journeys. Yes, we are happy to know that people have accepted KAAV as an Instrumental band. And the E.P would have never become a reality without the support and guidance of Baiju Dharmajan(MOTHERJANE).

IMR: Could you please give us a brief rundown of your current band mates and significance behind the bands name KAAV?
For the time being Syam is a graphic designer, Shabeer is a dog trainer and I am a writer.
As far as the band name is concerned, we did not have a name even after we entered the studio in March 2010. So many names popped up in our mind and our friends also suggested us a lot of names but we couldn’t relate to any of them. Actually we were looking out for a name which was unique, deep rooted in our heritage and tradition as well as which can inspire us and others for ages. And we were very keen on a name which can give us a great musical direction which we believe is very important for any band. Thus KAAV!
The word KAAV was taken from Kaavu or Kaavukal which in Malayalam means the traditional shrines, forests where so many folk stories, art forms like Theyyam, Koodiyatam etc originated. Fears, mysteries, superstitions, religion and spirituality were always associated with KAAV which is also the meeting place of the human psyche.

IMR: How did you guys end up playing music in the Instrumental genre? Is it heavily inspired by some childhood idols or a natural progression of the different opinions within the band on just what good music is all about?
As Shyam and Shabeer are from Vypin Island which is a remote place, finding band mates was difficult. So they continued jamming on Instrumental stuff. And after I met them through a common friend, their compositions sounded cool to me.
Now we are totally in love with the kind of music that we are making currently and we are not really sure where the future will take us.

IMR: Going through the internet, one thing for which I must really appreciate you guys is the graphics work which simply resembles your music. Can you put some light on the artwork concept for this album, what did you guys meant to speak through the cover-art?
The art work was done by Syam. The resemblance may be because he has done the guitar work and can relate to the music than anyone else.
The cover art: - Actually we don’t know in which direction the music is taking us as it is still evolving. The cover art speaks about the band’s journey which has just begun.  

IMR: The E.P has a very unique and intense sound, were there any particular challenges that stick out in your mind during the creation of this album?
As we are a three piece band and don’t have much options to play with, It took us so long to design the structure of music which can really keep the listeners hooked up. And of course the funding part.  

IMR: Could you describe in brief, the inspiration behind every single present on the debut effort?
Am not sure of where KAAV’s music gets triggered from. Some times a song may be born in the middle of a random jam session, inspiration may be from a movie we have just watched or a story or a news paper article. What I feel is that the society, culture, nature, art and music are inter-related as art and music are the reflections of our surroundings which shape our drive for creativity.

IMR: Tell us about any new elements you may have brought into the music which one would have hardly noticed?
I really don’t know whether we have brought any new elements or not, the voice over in the song KEETUKATHA was totally ripped off from a YouTube video.

IMR: KAAV had a beautiful video out for the song DAYA. Anything that you guys had it in mind before the making of the music video?
After the recording got over in March 2010, we had to wait for six months to finish the mixing and mastering. So during this gap, Baiju Dharmajan asked “why don’t you guys shoot a video” and he gave us his handy cam. Then me and Syam just shot lot of visuals from near by places. Syam edited the visuals in his studio, even though he didn’t have any previous experience. We thought it as quite good and released it.

IMR: What records/bands have you discovered recently and is there any in particular that you would recommend for our readers?
PINEAPPLE THIEF is the band that we have discovered recently, we recommend their album SOMEONE HERE IS MISSING. THE MARS VOLTA’s OCTAHEDRON is also a great album and Jazz fusion lovers must listen to Garaj Mahal.

IMR: Survival is something that has become very tough for the musicians. Partly because there are just so many out there. What does a band need to survive in the current music scenario?
What we believe is “do your work sincerely and the rest will happen for you”!

IMR: What is planned for the folks at the KAAV's camp in the future? Also, what do you guys aim to achieve with KAAV musically and socially?
We would like to create more songs and play all over the country and meet as much as musicians as possible. Next video production is in the pipeline and we are planning to enter the studio at least by the start of next year to record a full length album. ‘Good original music’, is the responsibility of any musician to his society.

IMR: Thanks for taking the time to talk to IndianMusicRevolution. Wish you good luck for the release and look forward to hearing more from you in the future!
Thank you very much for supporting good music!

Pravin Prajapati(LordMessiah)

Pravin Prajapati

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