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Exhumation Reveals New Album Consider This


Indian Death Metal band EXHUMATION has announced the release of their 2nd album CONSIDER THIS on 7th March 2011 and also revealed the album artwork and tracklist. The album will be released as a FREE DOWNLOAD on their Reverbnation page and will contain 8 tracks of Brutal Death Metal.

The band has also inked a deal with retail store to release a limited edition of the album on CD for diehard fans who would like to own a copy of the album. The CDs will be limited to 200 copies and will be hand numbered.  The artwork has been done by guitarist Prashant Shah who has done all the bands previous artworks as well as art for bands like SCRIBE and DEMONIC RESURRECTION.

1.    All That Is
2.    Blood-Drenched Flags
3.    Black Plague
4.    Worship Thyself
5.    Consider This
6.    Hell Forbid
7.    Absolute Power Now
8.    Alpha Omega


Guitarist Prashant Shah(guitars) commented:
“CONSIDER THIS, is about choice, you have two paths, there are external forces from each paths that are trying for you to consider them. Artwork wise I deviated from the actual lyrical story which is about the darker side of the universe is trying to convince man by giving him valid reasons to consider it over the other side of the universe, and the man chooses the darker side. My interpretation is the opposite, where the brighter side is trying to convince man and prevails. The lyrical content and artwork are choices as well.”

Fans can currently pre-order the album:

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