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Metal Hangover 0.1(Compilation) IndianMusicMug22

go to site METAL HANGOVER 0.1 is a 12 track compilation album and the first official release by Indian Music Mug. Collected over a period of 3 months in the winter of 2010, this, in simple words, is the sound to the New-Age Indian Metal Heartbeat. The compilation was released on 13th February 2011.

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01. A Tragedy Befallen – Demonic Resurrection (Mumbai, India)
02. This Brutal Embrace – Shift (Melbourne, Australia)
03. Battle Cry – Devoid (Mumbai, India)
04. Mama Knows – Testing Tomorrow (Los Angeles, California)
05. Soldier – Slain (Bangalore, India)
06. The Dining Table – Albatross (Mumbai, India)
07. The Trojan – Phobia (Delhi, India)
08. Andulon – Shades Of Retribution (Duliajan, India)  
09. Labyrinth Of Lies – Weeping Roses (Guwahati, India)
10. Bloody Thursday – Violent Edge (Guwahati, India)
11. Mass Society Theory – Asylum (Mumbai, India)
12. 1671 – Doorstep Casket (Guwahati, India) follow url About Indian Music Mug:
Indian Music Mug is a website/ blog that critiques, reviews, publishes and shares information and journals on International/Indian bands, albums, events and festivals. The website has been in function for almost a year now and receives readership all over the world.

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