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IndianMusicRevolution is one of the leading website for "Indian Rock and Metal" music in India. We have the largest number of band updates from all the circuits,not keeping it restricted only to the mainstream bands. We are known for our unique way of band featuring and regular updates. The content (Updates and Band featuring)and layout of the website attracts users to surf through the website regularly.

Site Features :

1) Largest collection of audios/videos/images of Indian bands.
2) A strong community on the IndianMusicRevolution forum.
3) A section "Horn'ok'Please" where users can xpress their views regarding the Indian music scene.
4) Audios/ Videos are also available for streaming and download.

Advertisement Opportunities :

1) Leaderboard on the top of every page.
2) 468x60 banner on top of the page.
3) 120x145 button on any specific page.
4) Pop-ups on any specific page.
5) Text link.
6) Section Sponsorship.
7) Newsletter Sponsorship.
8) Frontpage.
9) MediaLibrary.

Geographic Demographics :

North Zone - 30%
East Zone - 13%
West Zone - 35%
South Zone -22%

Confirmation :

The IMR management requires a official letter from the advertiser or agent, ordering the advertising at least 2 days before the advertising is scheduled to run.

Payment :

Payment for all the advertising must be made before it is put live on the website.

Contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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We are a creative crew comprising of mainly music enthusiasts with an ultimate objective of making the music scene a much more better place for everyone. IMR is a place where we realize our passion; our reason for existence and not just a mere workplace.

However, you can collaborate with us and you can anticipate some passably great things!

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