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Order Of Heretical Trident Festival 2014

Initially a group which started out as an enthusiasm of a few vividly energized people having an aficionado for some truly malodorous metal, the name Putrid Ascendancy came into life in the year 2011.  As the name suggests, it upholds the...

As We Keep Searching-Growing Suspicions(E.P)

New post-rockers on the block from Ahmedabad As We Keep Searching are out with their very dramatic debut EP ‘Growing Suspicions’. The theme revolves around the modern man, caught in a conflict between destroying nature, failing on...

Parikrama-The Indian Gods Of Rock & Roll!

22 years- this is how long Parikrama has been carrying the flag of Rock music in India. They have seen the industry inside and out. To commemorate this long and eventful journey, the band recently embarked on a multi city Parikrama @ 22 Tour. In...

Baiju Dharmajan Syndicate-Mindstreet Tour

  I have waited for 5 years to witness The God of Small Strings – Baiju Dharmajan live and finally I got to see him live with his new project Baiju Dharmajan Syndicate at Hard Rock Café, Pune. It was the 2nd gig in the 10 Years of Mindstreet...

10 Years Of Mindstreet Tour

Carnatic raagas coalesced seamlessly with elements of progressive rock; Baiju Dharmajan as his fans fondly call him - The God of Small Strings, needs no introduction. Baiju carved a special place in the heart of every progressive rock fanatic by...

Coshish Releases New Music Video

Indian progressive rock band Coshish have released their first official music video for the song 'Raastey' from their debut album.' Watch the video below! 
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Gingerfeet-High And Above

While the rest of the country has seamlessly integrated into modern rock and harder forms of metal music, I can easily bet on a truth- when it comes to rock music of the 1970s and 1980s, East India still rules. And this has been proved over and over...

Gypsy-Twisted Levity(E.P)

A five piece band consisting of boys of young age twisting your mind to produce some great amalgamation of heavy metal/hard rock/glam metal. ‘Twisted Levity’ is the latest and the first product of their toil and fun. Providing them with the...

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