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Interview With Cold Night For Alligators

Touted to be one of Denmark's most promising acts, with a host of accolades to their name, Cold Night For Alligators, are one artist that deserves much more credit than given to them. With successful stints at Norway and UK to their name including...

Interview With Lukasz Dziamarski (Preludium)

  Polish Martial attack as they say, Impending hostility upon us. These black/death metallers came out with their demo and in 2004 they released "Eternal Wrath" which was so well perceived by the people that it had to be re-issued on 2008....

Dhishti Talks About Meditation Of Death Tour & More

Sri Lankan Black Metal band DHISHTI, made their second tour to India in the month of January and ending in the month of February, named Meditation Of Death Tour. An insight of the tour has been provided to us by the guitarist, Ramindu Sanka...

Interview-Ida Olniansky(DIBBUKIM)

IMR: Shalom Aleichem, Ida! Firstly, for a bit of background, can you tell us about DIBBUKIM, the music you guys play and how did the band come together? Also, does any of the member play in any other side-projects other than DIBBUKIM?Ida...

Interview: Julia Flansburg(Angelical Tears)

IMR: Hello Julia Flansburg and thank you for this interview with IndianMusicRevolution. Would you please start off by telling us a bit about ANGELICAL TEARS inception and how you became a member of the band for our readers?Julia(ANGELICAL TEARS):...
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