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Interview With Lukasz Dziamarski (Preludium)


Lukasz Dziamarski Preludium Interview

Polish Martial attack as they say, Impending hostility upon us. These black/death metallers came out with their demo and in 2004 they released "Eternal Wrath" which was so well perceived by the people that it had to be re-issued on 2008. They released another bestial album 'Rape Mankind Disorder' and then 'Abominations' EP which earned them loads of accolades all over. They were hence noticed by Kunal Choksi, of Transcending Obscurity (then known as Diabolical Conquest) and hence released the album 'Impending Hostility' on 2010 with Diabolical Conquest records. Impending Hostility is a heavy and skull-crushing release with monster of a vocal, the constant tough guitars and bone hammering drums. We had a chance to catch up with the monster of a vocalist of the band, Lukasz Dziamarski and to shed more light about the release and the band and more fun!

IMR: Hello Lukasz! Greetings from India! How are the guys in Preludium been doing?

Lukasz: Hello Rupsa, we are very good thank you. We are preparing to record fourth album and we can't wait for it.


IMR: Coming straight into the album and your music, could you tell me how the theme of war influenced the band? And which other acts would be your main influence?

Lukasz: The idea of war theme album was the figment of Janek's imagination. He is main composer of our music. The war is the core influence of lyrics and artwork of our latest album. When it comes to music, we used a few parts resembling the marching style. The range of our influence is placed within many genres of music. Our main goal is to create well arranged kicking ass brutal songs with gloomy climate.


IMR: How has the recording of ‘Impending Hostility’ been for you guys? What was in your mind when you recorded the album? Has the anticipation been successful?

Lukasz: Recording session proceeded very smoothly. We always are well prepared to the sessions. One new thing was that we had to finish 'Blessing Of War' in the studio. When we started to record Piotr wanted to turn up the tempo of some songs so we had to finish this song because 'Impending Hostility' would be less than half an hour long ;) Of course many things could have been made better but everyone says this kind of crap in the interviews.


IMR: How did you guys couple up with Diabolical Conquest?

Lukasz: A few years ago I received an email from Kunal with a link to 'Raping Mankind Disorder' review. Kunal was very enthusiastic about our second album and we started to email each other. After recording 'Impeding Hostility' I asked Kunal if he could help us with finding new label. Since he led Diabolical Conquest webzine he had lots of connections in metal music community. After few months he informed me about plans of setting his own label. His conditions were acceptable for us. In addition to that we were convinced about his faith in Preludium so this was main incentive why we decided to accept his terms.


IMR: I have been particularly interested in this African instrument that you guys have used in your previous release ‘Rape Mankind Disorder’ that gave off a pretty creepy sound. What is that instrument called, and how did you guys think of implementing that? Also, what specific type of instrument did you guys use to bring out the heaviness in ‘Impending Hostility’, if you could share with us.

Lukasz:We used didgeridoo both on 'Eternal Wrath' and 'Raping Mankind Disorder'. We have a friend who has a few types of these instruments and helped us with the recordings. On 'Eternal Wrath' we used it only in the final song “The Book Ov Signs” whereas on 'Raping Mankind Disorder' we used it on 2 regular songs: “Inhumane Obsession”, “Anti-God's Lament”, “Desecration By Fire” and “Ultimate Judgement” Death metal with Didgeridoo elements sounds indeed unique so we decided to create instrumental “Origin” with didgeridoo as a leading motif woven into the music .


IMR: How has the rehearsal schedules been for you guys? I have heard that you have to travel by train from another city? That’s really an awesome dedication. How do you manage that?

Lukasz: I moved from my hometown Mielec to Cracow to study 10 yrs ago. I still live since I got a good job here. Mielec is only 2 hours way from Cracow so it is not so far. The rest of the guys still live in my hometown. I come back there usually at the weekends every 2-3 weeks and then we can play rehearsals with Preludium.


IMR: Could you tell us more about the artwork and the lyrical content in ‘Impending Hostility’?

Lukasz: The author of lyrics in 'Impending Hostility' is Janek. He drew inspiration from various military films and books. This is not conceptual album, however the common denominator of all the lyrics is the war theme. There are lots of death, pain and suffering, typical death metal poems.

The front cover and the booklet were my very own ideas. I wanted to make it look like an old photo; cold, bleak without any texts any photos but for the battlefield background. Moreover, the layout resembles the music content. Author of this artwork is Wojciech, our former bass player. He was part of Preludium on 'Eternal Wrath' and 'Raping Mankind Disorder' (he made for us artworks for 'Raping Mankind Disorder' and 'Abomination').


IMR: I have heard, that in your next album, there would be lyrics based on spirituality inspired by the teachings of Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda. How did this idea dawn upon your band? Spiritual much?

Lukasz: I asked Kunal to help us with texts. We wanted to make them different and insightful.


IMR: Any live shows that you guys are doing recently?

Lukasz: No, we made last live show about one year ago with Ulcerate, Svart Crown and Polish bands Hell United and Beheading Machine. We’ve had a few inquiries about playing live concerts, however we decided to focus on composing new songs. We don't have rehearsals very often so we can't afford to spend our time on practicing our live set. High pressure to create new songs is stronger. When we record and release our new album we’ll play live shows as often as it is possible.


IMR: What’s your take on the Indian audience? Would you like to come and perform in India in the future? Any Indian bands that guys have heard and look forward to?

Lukasz: I am afraid I don't know any Indian band. I received many facebook invitations from Kunal's friends. We’d love to perform in your country very much but I think this is very difficult in logistic way. The biggest problem is the price of the plane tickets. Of course when someone wants to invite us let us know haha. It might be very interesting experience.


IMR: How is the relationship between all the bandmembers? Sheer professionalism, or work and play both? Apart from being a part of the awesome band, what’s your day-job, or profession?

Lukasz: We are friends and between the rehearsals we meet for a beer or maybe a bottle of vodka. Piotr, our drummer is unemployed at the moment, rest have a casual jobs. I’m working in a shipping company, Marcin, bass player works, in logistic and Janek works in a big international company which makes aircrafts.


IMR: I would love to own a t-shirt of your band. Do you guys plan to be out with t-shirts and other merchandise?

Lukasz: Yes, we have plans to issue t-shirts to our latest album. We have a t-shirt design and we are waiting for printing them. Project is made by Upgrade Design Studio Kunal will print and sell them under the flag of Diabolical Conquest Rec which is now known as Transcending Obscurity.


IMR: What are your plans for future?

Lukasz: In April we are starting the record session of our new album. We haven't named the album title yet. There will be 10-11 songs with new influences. There will be more atmosphere and black metal parts but you can still sense the style of Preludium.

I don't know what’ll happen after that. Maybe a few concerts, we are too old to make a glittering big career out of this…. We’ve released 3 albums and 1 ep, we are happy as far as we can create new songs and play it out loud haha.


IMR: What would be your message for our readers?

Lukasz: First of all I would like to Thank you for your interest and support. I hope we someday can play in your country for Indian maniacs.


Thank you, Preludium! For the wonderful time that you have provided us with. I would personally thank you for the awesome album. We wish you all the best for your future endeavors and everything nice.


She female from Kolkata having a strong love towards Death Metal. Currently, she is doing Computer Science engineering. She started listening to legends like Deep Purple, WhiteSnake and Pink Floyd as early as when she was just little kid.

In the meanwhile, exploring this arena made her to like more underground forms such as Old school death metal and has formed immense love towards it. She admires and loves music and despises pseudo-genres and trend, having a special love for Indian Music scene and have firm belief that they would go a very very very long way towards success, in the years to come!

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