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Mallika Sundaramurthy Talks About Abnormality's Debut Album!

Mallika Sundaramurthy Abnormality IMR Interview

Abnormality is an Extreme Metal band formed in 2005, hailing from Massachusetts, United States. They're a female fronted band, pursuing the heaviest sub-genre of Death Metal and providing us with a brilliant hybrid between technicality, speed and some devastating grooves. I recently had the oppurtunity to review their first full length album, "Contaminating The Hive Mind" and had a chit-chat with the vocalist, Mallika Sundaramurthy, regarding the album and much more.

If you did not check the band out yet then please do and give them a like on their official Facebook page. And keep a lookout for their new releases and uploads on their official YouTube page. 

IMR: Hello Mallika. Nice to catch up with you. How are you doing? And how are the boys doing?
Mallika Sundaramurthy: Hi Rupsa, I’m well thanks. They boys are doing well also. We are just adjusting back to normal life after our tour last month.

IMR: Tell us something about the recent album, "Contaminating The Hive Mind"!
Mallika Sundaramurthy: We are proud of the new album. It’s definitely a progression for the band. We put a lot of time and effort into the song writing. We believe it’s a strong album start to finish.

IMR: How was it working with Abnormality? How did the recording session go with you?
Mallika Sundaramurthy: This was our 4th time in the studio, but our first full length release. The recording process went smoothly for us. We worked with the same producer as the 2010 EP; Pete Rutcho (Damage Productions). He is easy to work with and he knows how to bring out the best in us.

IMR: I personally loved this album. What aspect would listeners look forward to in this album?
Mallika Sundaramurthy: Thank you. I think it’s a good mix of technicality, brutality, and groove, and there are a lot of memorable parts.

IMR: Any special incident during the recording session or the tour that happened which you would like to share with the readers?
Mallika Sundaramurthy: There’s not really just one particular incident that stands out overall. Probably the best part of the last tour was playing Las Vegas Death Fest. It was an honor to play with some of the best Death Metal bands from the US and around the world like Disgorge, Severed Savior, Inherit Disease, Carnal Decay, Abuse, Guttural Secrete and others. The crowd was great, and the fest was really well organized. We had a great time playing, hanging out, drinking, and watching all the other bands.

IMR: Any personal favorite from the album?
Mallika Sundaramurthy: I have a few personal favorites from the album, "A Chaos Reserved", "Taste Of Despair", and the title track.

IMR: What would be your message to all our readers? And from where can the listeners pick up the album from? Any details?
Mallika Sundaramurthy: Support Death Metal! The music industry is hurting, even more so underground music. Go to local shows, and buy music and merch from the bands. It keeps Underground Metal alive! I want to take a second to thank our fans and everyone that has supported Abnormality in the 7 years of its existence. We couldn’t do it without you!
You can pick up the new album at and at our Big Cartel page. It’s also available digitally at sites like iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, CD Baby and more.

IMR: Thank you for sparing us with your precious time, Mallika. We wish you and the whole band all the best!
Mallika Sundaramurthy: My pleasure. Thanks Rupsa.

She female from Kolkata having a strong love towards Death Metal. Currently, she is doing Computer Science engineering. She started listening to legends like Deep Purple, WhiteSnake and Pink Floyd as early as when she was just little kid.

In the meanwhile, exploring this arena made her to like more underground forms such as Old school death metal and has formed immense love towards it. She admires and loves music and despises pseudo-genres and trend, having a special love for Indian Music scene and have firm belief that they would go a very very very long way towards success, in the years to come!

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