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Chimaira Streaming Entire New Album At AOL Music

Chimaira Streaming

THE AGE OF HELL, the new album from Cleveland, Ohio Metal band CHIMAIRA, can be streamed in its entirety at AOL Music. The CD was released in the U.S on 16th August via EONE MUSIC; in Germany on 26th August; and in the United Kingdom, Australia and the rest of Europe on 29th August through LONG BRANCH RECORDS.


01. The Age Of Hell
02. Clockwork
03. Losing My Mind
04. Time Is Running Out
05. Year Of The Snake
06. Beyond The Grave
07. Born In Blood (feat. Phil Bozeman)
08. Stoma
09. Powerless
10. Trigger Finger
11. Scapegoat
12. Samsara (feat. Emil Werstler)


Singer Mark Hunter recently spoke to Aol's Noisecreep about THE AGE OF HELL and CHIMAIRA's recent lineup changes.


"Last year we did the [Rockstar Energy Drink] Mayhem Festival, which was an amazing opportunity for us, and I had a great time doing those shows," Hunter explained. "But somewhere in between, we all started taking different directions in our personal lives. It's like any relationship, really. I think after 12 years of playing in a band together you start experiencing things that you don't enjoy anymore. It just doesn't seem worth it to carry on like that. Even though we had just finished a big tour, we started feeling like that. It became a drag."


He continued, "Musically speaking, we felt that we needed to make something truly special this time out. It got frustrating when we weren't getting the same feedback from the drummer [Andols Herrick] we had at the time. We brought it up to him and we didn't like how the conversation went. So from there we decided it was best if we just parted ways with each other. Jim [LaMarca, bassist] quit late in 2010. If that weren't enough, the next thing I know our keyboardist [Chris Spicuzza] left and we're down to three members left out of a six-piece band. And we have to go into the studio [laughs]."


Band Members:
Mark Hunter - Vocals
Rob Arnold - Guitar
Matt DeVries - Guitar
Emil Werstler (Daath) - Bass
Sean Zatorsky (Daath) - Keyboards/Samples
Austin D'Amond (Bleed The Sky, The Elite) - Drums


Although D'Amond is sitting behind the kit for all of CHIMAIRA's current shows, the drum tracks on THE AGE OF HELL were laid down by the CD's producer, Ben Schigel, who has previously worked with DROWNING POOL and WALLS OF JERICHO, among others. The effort was mixed by Chris "Zeuss" Harris (HATEBREED, SHADOWS FALL, MURDERDOLLS, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD)

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