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Dhishti Releases New Album Decease


DHISHTI issues the following band update:

Greetings our fellow Brethren!

It is with great honor that we announce that our debut album entitled DECEASE has been released in Sri Lanka. The album was on recording process for about an year and we have been working very hard on the composing mixing and mastering at RAAKSHA STUDIOS for the past few months.

This will be a self released special limited edition which will be only available only at Marriott (ATECH LANKA) 3rd Floor, Majestic City, Sri Lanka. DECEASE brings out a totally different approach to Depressive Black Metal. With a touch of Sri Lankan Traditional Music and the sound of Old School Black Metal, DECEASE makes it a unique release which holds Sri Lankan originality.

You can get your copy at Atech Lanka previously known as Marriot, 3rd Floor, Majestic City, Sri Lanka at Rs.400/- only. HURRY UP!

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