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Klone Enters Studio To Record New Album

Klone 2012

French Metal band KLONE have entered STUDIO DES RESISTANTS with producer Franck Hueso (HACRIDE, DEATHSPELL OMEGA) to begin recording the follow-up to their critically acclaimed fourth album, 2010's BLACK DAYS. The as-yet-untitled new CD will feature ten new songs and is tentatively scheduled for release in September.

Commented KLONE guitarist Guillaume Bernard:
"It was a real challenge for us to compose a new album better than BLACK DAYS, but now it's done and we're very proud of it. We found out that there are still different ways where we can innovate!"

In other news, KLONE recently released a three-track EP entitled THE EYE OF NEEDLE, which can be downloaded for free at the band's Official Website.

According to a press release, KLONE's roots "are to be found in Metal, Heavy Rock, Stoner, Grunge, Pop and Psychedelic music, which creates a very own blend, using uncommon instruments like Harp, Saxophone, Chinese Flute and also Electro."

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