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The Nibiruan Announces Line-up Changes


The Nibiruan_Lineup

Vocalist Asim Searah has left THE NIBIRUAN - the Finnish Metal band featuring former AMORAL guitarist Silver Ots alongside Lauri Koskenniemi (guitar) of SHEAR - in order to join KIUAS. He has since been replaced by Jules Näveri (PROFANE OMEN, ENEMY OF THE SUN). THE NIBIRUAN also parted ways with Eerik Purdon (bass) and recruited a new bassist in the shape of Tuomo Räisänen (ELENIUM).

Band Members:
1) Jules Näveri (PROFANE OMEN, ENEMY OF THE SUN) - Vocals
2) Lauri Koskenniemi (SHEAR) - Guitar
3) Silver Ots (ex-AMORAL) - Guitar
4) Tuomo Räisänen (ELENIUM) - Bass
5) Lari Sorvo (SHEAR) - Keyboards
6) Petri Mäkipää (GHOUL PATROL) - Drums

Two new tracks from THE NIBIRUAN - ALCHEMY FOR THE BLIND and PAINTING THE DARKNESS - can be streamed on the band's homepage.

THE NIBIRUAN's three-song debut EP was released in 2009.

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