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Born Of Osiris-Tomorrow We Die ∆live

When I first heard that Born Of Osiris was about to emerge from the studios with a fresh batch of tracks, the first thought that occurred to me was, if this album was going to be “The Discovery 2.0” or were they going back to same pattern they...

30 Seconds To Mars-Love Lust Faith+Dreams

“Love Lust Faith + Dreams” is a concept album, that has been split into 4 segments, Love, Lust, Faith, and Dreams, with an unknown female voice declaring the start to every segment. Love comprises of “Birth” and “Conquistador”, Lust...


  Four-piece outfit Auras, hailing from Ontario, Canada caught my attention on an online music promotion site first. Thanks to the multitude of Djent-core bands out there, with their love for nomenclature in plurals and inserting hitherto...

Puscifer-Donkey Punch The Night(E.P)

  Things had been dead silent in Camp Keenan for a while now, on all fronts. Even Keenan was not sure if there was going to be a Keenan album, by the end of 2013. And then low and behold the farcically conceptualized outfit that is Puscifer...

Preludium-Impending Hostility

When England has Bolt Thrower and Netherlands has Hail Of Bullets, Poland got it's Preludium. Crying aloud war all the way through their new album, 'Impending Hostility'. Damaging the nation's peace, all the way from Poland, here is their hostile...
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Circle Of Contempt-Entwine The Threads(E.P)

  Following weeks of hype and speculation Finnish Tech Metal crew “Circle Of Contempt”, have finally released their 3rd record “Entwine The Threads EP”. Circle of Contempt have undergone a crucial line-up change, and now possess...

The Advaita Concept-The Ratio(E.P)

  Hailing from Clermont, FL, 5-piece Prog Metalcore outfit The Advaita Concept release their 2nd record “The Ratio EP”. The Advaita Concept comprises of Steve McCorry - Lead Vocals, Karlton Tillman- Guitar/ Vocals, Alec Larson-...

The Contortionist-Intrinsic

“Intrinsic” comes as the sophomore effort from Indianapolis based 5-man outfit, The Contortionist. The Contortionist features Jonathan Carpenter (vocals), Robby Baca (guitar), Cameron Maynard (Guitar), Joey Baca (drums), and Christopher Tilley...

Dionysus-The Hymn To The Dying (E.P)

Here's a brilliant Death/Doom Metal outfit from our neighborland, Lahore, Pakistan. Dionysus, who recently came out with a blasting EP, "A Hymn To The Dying", released by the Salute Records, Sweden. Before the release they've released their songs...
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Elitist-Reshape Reason

After two EP’s, and much deserving hype later, Los Angeles crew Elitist are out with their debut full-length record “Reshape | Reason”. Elitist features Julian Rodriguez, Mike Danese, Chris Balay and Ben Kazenoff.
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