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30 Seconds To Mars-Love Lust Faith+Dreams

30 Seconds To Mars-Love Lust Faith+Dreams
  1. Birth
  2. Conquistador
  3. Up in the Air
  4. City Of Angels
  5. The Race
  6. End Of All Days
  7. Pyres Of Varanasi
  8. Bright Lights
  9. Do Or Die
  10. Convergence
  11. Northern Lights
  12. Depuis Le Début
  • Band / Artist 30 Seconds To Mars
  • Genre Rock
  • Label Virgin/EMI/Universal
  • Year 2013
  • Format Album
Rating 8.5/10

“Love Lust Faith + Dreams” is a concept album, that has been split into 4 segments, Love, Lust, Faith, and Dreams, with an unknown female voice declaring the start to every segment. Love comprises of “Birth” and “Conquistador”, Lust features “Up In The Air”, “City Of Angels”, “The Race”, “End Of All Days”, Faith runs from “Pyres of Varanasi” till “Do or Die”, and last of all stands Dreams with “Convergence”, “Northern Lights”, and “Depuis Le Début”. Spanning over 45 odd minutes, the album’s choral sounds were captured by an ensemble of 25 or so audiences who had gathered for “The Summit”, a convention where fans gather to contribute for the choral parts, a routine which was followed on the previous record “This is War”. This time however the numbers were played down by almost a couple of hundred people. “Up in the Air”, the first single from the album was shared with NASA for the Dragon Spacecraft program, for the crew’s entertainment, making it the first piece of commercial music to be made available in space.


Jared Leto, the artist with a sea of talent and imagination in his closet, takes the rein on “Love Lust Faith+ Dreams” from the word go, and how. The lyrics are poignant, doused in all things humane, reflecting much of Leto’s social efforts and persona. 30STM have ditched the Industrial influenced Alternative Rock/Metal sound prevalent in the debut and sophomore records and shifted permanent base to the comfort zone of piano/keyboard driven ballads, with minimalistic Guitars. There are plenty of hooks and memorable moments to grant the album more than a few handful of spins (assuming you are an open-minded listener, irrespective of whether you are an old fan or new). While all these grandiose elements are effective enough to help the record climb the charts steadily, the overall sound should feel a bit forced after a while. The amalgamation of all things good and pure, coloured and cultural that audio-evangelist Leto has tried to incorporate into his album are bound to give most fans a soothing experience, some are bound to miss the epicness of erstwhile hits such as the “The Kill”, “Beautiful Lie” and the likes. Maybe the global peace project should have behoved from compositions in the lines of “Buddha for Mary” and “(This is) The Story” too, something to chew away the ironical traces of monotony. Having said that, it would be a mistake to brand the album as a superficial shot at pricking new ears; “Love Lust Faith + Dreams” is a solid, stadium/arena Rock record that holds its own and should sit well with anyone who has been a fan their last record.


It is amusing how people expect so many unrealistic offerings from the musicians they love. As I recall a peer from the music circle mentioning the other day, most artists survive a phase and then they live as a shadow of their former selves; this is because the fans who would have carved the former’s logo on themselves only a few days ago, jeer at the same artists if they try on a new mould and brand them as sell-outs, or crucify the artist if they keep tinkering with the same old sounds,  basically belabour the artist for what is a self-discovery every musician makes at one point of time.


Roughly put, 30STM has achieved what Linkin Park tried to do but failed on more occasions than not, what bands like Red have always did and succeeded only marginally- To grow out of the cocoon and be accepted for what it has set out to accomplish and HAS accomplished so far. The transition has not been achieved over night, nor is it selling out. They grew as musicians, period. Thirty Seconds to Mars does not, anymore, sound like a juvenile band with angsty reasons to produce captivating sounds; Thirty Seconds to Mars has outgrown itself, evolved, in a broader aspect of lyrical concepts, philosophy and of course, sound.


Pros: Experimental, unorthodox.

Cons: Too mellow at parts.


Love Lust Faith + Dreams” is the single weirdest compilation of songs I have heard this year, and I love it. So will most of you with an open mind and ear.

Arkadeep Deb, as of now is a 20 year old engineering student from Kolkata. When he’s not harmlessly trolling around or watching Two and a Half Men re-runs, he dabbles in all-things-Metal, Photography, Songwriting, Reviews, you name it. While building up his chops in guitar/ vocals as we speak, he’s doing his utmost to represent the genre he loves, protesting social-stereotyping and pigeon-holing of its followers and lending a patient ear to the beloved underground. His first tryst with Metal was 5 years ago, when one fateful day he popped a bootleg SLIPKNOT: SUBLIMINAL VERSES and LAMB OF GOD: ASHES OF THE WAKE split-record in the cd-tray. There has been no looking back ever-since.

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