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  1. Emerge
  2. Sciolist
  3. Aporia
  4. Chimerical
  5. Susurrus
  6. Cascade
  7. Panacea
  • Band / Artist Auras
  • Genre Progressive Deathcore/Djent
  • Label Independent
  • Year 2013
  • Format Album
Rating 9/10


Four-piece outfit Auras, hailing from Ontario, Canada caught my attention on an online music promotion site first. Thanks to the multitude of Djent-core bands out there, with their love for nomenclature in plurals and inserting hitherto unknown number of breakdowns layered with electronic clickety- click and ambient wankery, more often than not I dismiss most of this bands. Discovering Auras was a gut-shot to that ignorance. A little research revealed that Auras have been around for a while now and is one of those bands who do not rely solely on palm muted riffing to win over fans. January witnessed the release of their debut EP which comprises of singles released over the last couple of years and more. Auras is Josh Ligaya - Guitar/Vocals; Nathan Bulla - Drums; Aaron Hallman – Guitar; Eric Almeida – Vocals.

“Emerge” opens the EP which spans over 7 tracks clocking at roughly 22 minutes. “Sciolitst” gives you the gist of what to expect from the quartet- Serious technicality and no-nonsense compositions, Chockfull of groove and polymeric guitar melodies complemented by in your face death-growls and exceptional drumming. Eric Almeida packs some of the heaviest growls I have heard recently. “Aporia” boasts of an enchanting solo that paves the path for Almeida to strike when the listener’s off guard. Hard to believe such brutality and intricate melody exists as one. “Chimerical” a personal favourite of the EP, is perhaps the best example of the bands talent; past the 3 minute mark the track reaches surreal heights of moshworthy grooviness and melodic feel good vibes. “Susurrus” paints a beautiful picture with its gentle drumming and clean guitar tones. Clearly this is one outfit that has some sense of direction and variety. “Cascade” is as detailed as they come; Drummer Nathan Bulla shines behind the kit and does so with style and dexterity.. Title track and EP closer “Panacea” features The Afterimage’s Kyle Anderson in the guest spot. This track should gain a lot of replays be it old fans or new: Everyone likes their faces to be melted off by some brutal skin slamming and chugging riffage. Make no mistake the track has its melodic moments as well, rounding it off on all fronts signature Auras.

“Panacea” bears unmistakable signs of stereotypes that plague the genre and cannot be touted as completely flawless, but that much is understandable given how nascent they are.  However, Auras have much credibility to their name given the finesse with which they have cut the EP; something very rarely seen in the over-produced albums churned these days. “Panacea” is available on iTunes and the Bandcamp.

Pros: Extremely groove laden, steady flow between tracks, fresh.

Cons: Overdoes some of the Djent meets Core elements.

For Fans Of: Elitist, Volumes, Scamp.



Auras sounds like a bastard child of Elitist and Scamp. Auras, you’re doing it right.

Arkadeep Deb, as of now is a 20 year old engineering student from Kolkata. When he’s not harmlessly trolling around or watching Two and a Half Men re-runs, he dabbles in all-things-Metal, Photography, Songwriting, Reviews, you name it. While building up his chops in guitar/ vocals as we speak, he’s doing his utmost to represent the genre he loves, protesting social-stereotyping and pigeon-holing of its followers and lending a patient ear to the beloved underground. His first tryst with Metal was 5 years ago, when one fateful day he popped a bootleg SLIPKNOT: SUBLIMINAL VERSES and LAMB OF GOD: ASHES OF THE WAKE split-record in the cd-tray. There has been no looking back ever-since.

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