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Baiju Dharmajan Speaks About Mindstreet, India On Guitar & Antaraka

Baiju Dharmajan Mindstreet Tour

(Photo Courtesy: Gaurav Tophakhane)

Baiju Dharmajan recently started Mindstreet Tour with his band – Baiju Dharmajan Syndicate. Here is an interview to know about the tour, new projects and few more things! 


IMR: Hello Baiju Chetta, thank you for doing this interview with IndianMusicRevolution.

Baiju Dharmajan: Hello Indrajeet!


IMR: Recently you announced Mindstreet Tour. So, tell our readers more about the tour.

Baiju Dharmajan: Mindstreet is one song that put me and of course my erstwhile band Motherjane on the map of Indian rock in 2003. RSJ released it as a part of the Great Indian Rock Compilation album back then, which used to go to every RSJ reader. In 2013, it completes 10 Years since its release and the tour by my current outfit Baiju Dharmajan Syndicate celebrates that moment 10 years ago. In our set, among other songs, we have also included Mindstreet. The Baiju Dharmajan Syndicate plays three cities as a part of this tour – Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad. We’ve already played the Mumbai and Pune gigs and the Hyderabad one is on December 5th at Hard Rock Café. 


IMR: You also announced the release of ‘Motherjane: Baiju Dharmajan Diaries’ depicting your journey with Motherjane. Can you please give us a glimpse of it? 

Baiju Dharmajan:  Why glimpse man? Take the whole of it. It’s for free download at . The book captures all that I remember of the wonderful 11 years spent growing with Motherjane.


IMR: You currently have 2 active projects and I can see lots of music is on the way. Enlighten us about both the projects. 

Baiju Dharmajan:  I have one project that’s alive and kicking – Baiju Dharmajan Syndicate. The band’s live concerts have been received well till now. Second project Antaraka is like a dream project and I hope this dream becomes a reality in 2014. We’re looking for a talented vocalist right now. So if you have someone in mind, please do let me know.


IMR: Could you please explain what Antaraka plans to unleash in coming time? Been hearing a lot about the project!

Baiju Dharmajan:  It’s a usual run-of-the-mill music project. Nothing special :D Haha! 


IMR: Few months back you along with Surjo did a contest to find a guitarist featured on your album and received fantastic response. Any more contests launching soon?

Baiju Dharmajan:  Yes. There’s a contest coming up this 26th of January called the “India on Guitar” contest. I’d be requesting upcoming guitarists to record their version of Jana Gana Mana on guitar against my backing track and hopefully through the contest I’ll get to know some great young guitarists in our country.


IMR: Lots of collaborations happening at various fests along with renowned musicians like Bryden Stephen Lewis and Harish Shivaramkrishnan. How is the experience of jamming with these people?

Baiju Dharmajan:  Absolutely fantastic! Harish is undoubtedly one of our country’s finest vocalists and Bryden is technically so perfect. Also had the good fortune of Warren joining me for the opening gig of the Mindstreet Tour at Mumbai and that was really mindblowing. Hopefully Warren and I can do something together in times to come. 


IMR: So, here we come to the end of the interview.  Looking forward to listen some great music from both the projects! Thank you!

Baiju Dharmajan:  Thank you!

Indrajeet Deshpande is currently pursuing M.B.A at Pune, Maharashtra. Well, he is more a self-taught guitarist. Passion for Rock, Metal, and Blues started for him when he started to learn Guitar. A hardcore fan of Metallica, Motherjane, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, AC/DC, he aims to start his own Thrash Metal band soon!

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