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Crimson Wood-Interview


IMR: Hello Rohit! First of all I would like to thank you a ton for taking out time for this interview. I am really pleased to get the chance to make this special thing, because I have always been an ardent fan of CRIMSON WOOD! How are you guys doing?
Crimson Wood(Rohit): Welcome man, any day. We are all doing great.

IMR: First and most importantly would have to be your official debut video release MY KING, I must say that I was totally blown away after watching the video. Is that the kind of reaction that you have been receiving so far from the fans as well?
Crimson Wood(Rohit):
Thanks, yeah the feed back that we have been getting is really great, we thank our fans and friends for that.

IMR: Can you tell us a little bit about the video shoot for MY KING and are there any plans to have this video aired on any music channels?
Crimson Wood(Rohit):
We never had any plans of taking a video till a friend of mine Samraj Paul introduced me to his friend Shyam Mohan, the director. He was getting into directing and wanted our music video to be his debut. We really thank Sam for this, without him we would never have had a video. Then all of us and the director used to meet up and discuss the ideas we had regarding the video. We did that for couple of months and finally did the shoot. The brains behind the video is the Director Shyam Mohan, he’s brilliant, he knows what he’s doing and he loves music. So if there are any bands looking to take a video he is the right person to go to. Yeah we are working on airing the video there are some paperwork that should be done  before that so its being done now.

IMR: While searching more information about the video, I found that the video is dedicated to John Alexander. Who is he with relation to the band?
Crimson Wood(Rohit):
Well he’s our ex-guitarist, whose gone missing and was last seen wandering about the streets of leeds,England. (laugh). He had to go for higher studies to UK. So since he couldnt be a part of the video shoot we decided to dedicate it to him.

IMR: You guys are around for a long time so maybe you can let us know your opinion about what has changed in the Alternative/Nu-Metal scene over the years in the music scene?
Crimson Wood(Rohit):
Even though the band was formed in 2007 we really started playing only this year. So I am not very sure I will be able to comment on that. But there are really good Nu-metal bands now like Bleed from Bangalore.

IMR: Briefly describe, what can people expect to hear from the debut album?
Crimson Wood(Rohit):
We always want our songs to make people move like jumping up and down or headbang and make them feel better. So there will be lot of groovy riffs and headbanging drumming and  power packed melody.

IMR: This goes out to many of the bands nowadays, Is Myspace and Reverbnation everything that a bands need for their self-promotion?
Crimson Wood(Rohit):
I am not sure if its everything a band needs but it definitely plays an important part.

IMR: Your upcoming album has been produced by Tony John and Rex Vijayan, how was the experience working with the professionals?
Crimson Wood(Rohit):
They are brilliant, I have never meet musicians or producers with that much of knowledge. They have helped us to become better musicans. If any band is planning to record you have to get them to produce it. Its an awesome experience.

IMR: Is there any interest of other (bigger) record labels or even some major companies.
Crimson Wood(Rohit):
Nothing at the moment.


IMR: What does Nu-Metal mean for you personally?
Crimson Wood(Rohit):
Nu metal comes out naturally from us, so we love playing it.

IMR: What one word would you choose to describe each other?
Crimson Wood(Rohit):
Aswin is a Gentleman, Justin a Genius, Matthew a Livewire & Sreenath is Goofy.

IMR: Do you have names for your instruments?
Crimson Wood(Rohit):
He he, Aswin calls his base Susie Q.

IMR: Who takes more time getting ready for a show?
Crimson Wood(Rohit):
Sreenath, we some times have to tell him the gig is at 5:15  when its actually at 6.

IMR: What is the main driving force that has kept CRIMSON WOOD creating music, and do you see this fueling the band's fire into the future?Rex
Crimson Wood(Rohit):
We want our music to make people feel better, we want our music to be positive, there is a lot of negativity in our lives and we don’t want to add on to it with our music. One of our songs talks about child abuse, A child after being abused thinks that the whole world is shattered, then it talks about the love that can bring her back and how it finally does. Music in our opinion not only should make people enjoy but also should make them feel better.

IMR: Thank you so much for answering my questions, I want to wish the whole band all the best and see you all at the concerts and festivals! Any last words that you would like to share with IndianMusicRevolution readers?
Crimson Wood(Rohit):
Welcome, thanks for the interview too.  You can download our single from Reverbnation, pass it around so also our video and LIVE OUT LOUD. Cheers

Pravin Prajapati(LordMessiah)

Pravin Prajapati

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