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10 Years Of Mindstreet Tour

Baiju Dharmajan Mindstreet Tour

Carnatic raagas coalesced seamlessly with elements of progressive rock; Baiju Dharmajan as his fans fondly call him - The God of Small Strings, needs no introduction. Baiju carved a special place in the heart of every progressive rock fanatic by his unique and exotic musicianship with his ex-band Motherjane and continues to do so with his new project The Baiju Dharmajan Syndicate. 


In 2003, Motherjane released Mindstreet that redefined its music with eclectic songwriting that contained Carnatic roots along with traditional rock. It was featured on GIR compilation and rode wild waves because of the stellar musicianship it demonstrated. To celebrate this, Baiju Dharmajan has recently announced 10 Years of Mindstreet Tour as a part of The Great Indian Guitar Trip and will play across Hard Rock Cafes in Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad.



Tour Schedule:

14th November – Hard Rock Cafe, Worli, Mumbai

21st November – Hard Rock Cafe, Pune

5th December – Hard Rock Cafe, Hyderabad


In addition, he will also be releasing his autobiography titled ‘Motherjane: Baiju Dharmajan Diaries.’ The books has been narrated to Arun S Kumar and edited by Purushotham Kaushik and Ashima Popli. In this 30 page eBook, he speaks about how the band was formed when after meeting the band members at a bachelor’s party, songwriting process with the band, departure from the band and advice to parents and aspiring musicians.




Excerpt from the chapter Maktub: 

As musicians, all of us had matured considerably. Suraj’s song writing skills at that time were quite magnificent and composing Maktub with him was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. We spent numerous sessions together discussing the feelings the tracks should embody. We spent hours unravelling the depths of a song’s subject matter and tried to marry the music to the lyrics. The vibes I shared with Suraj were great. Even though we had some tension brewing between us, once the music began to flow everything else became irrelevant. The issues we had just faded out and it felt as if nothing had happened at all.


With the release of eBook, Baiju will be giving a free track called ‘Karna’, by The Baiju Dharmajan Syndicate.


Register for Motherjane: Baiju Dharmajan Diaries.

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