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Gig Alert: Black Metal Krieg (B. M. K) 2012!

Black Metal_Krieg_II

Black Metal Krieg (B. M. K) was the first and still remains the only Black Metal Gig to happen in India. The first edition of B. M. K was held on 26 th December, 2010 at B69, Mumbai where 3 of the finest Black Metal acts from India shared the stage with Sri Lankan band – DHISHTI.

B. M. K II promises to live up to the expectations of the fans and the bands to provide a platform to the genre which is still developing in India. As a treat for the fans and as a mark of respect for the genre, BMK II will be a tribute to the greatest Black Metal bands whereby all bands will play a few covers of the bands they admire.

The event will be held at B69 in Andheri, Mumbai on 21 st January, 2012. The gig will witness the comeback of one of Mumbai’s oldest Symphonic Black Metal band COSMIC INFUSION. DHISHTI from Sri Lanka who will be on their Indian tour, will also play at the event for the 2 nd time!

Band Lineup:
Alien Gods (Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh)
Spiked Crib (Mumbai)
Dark Desolation (Bangalore)
Stark Denial (Mumbai)
Dhishti (Sri Lanka)
Cosmic Infusion (Mumbai)

Check out the Event Teaser for Black Metal Krieg(2012) below.

BMK II will be co-organized by Stark Denial & Frameshift Initiatives.

For more information, visit Black Metal Krieg's Facebook event page.


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