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Hard Rock Band “Overhung” To Launch Debut EP Soon!

Overhung Debut EP Launch 2012

Mumbai, Maharashtra based Rock band Overhung are all set to release their debut EP "Extended 4Play". The 4 track EP will be an online release only, to be followed by a physical release and a celebratory performance sometime next month.

Tracklist-Extended 4play(E.P)
1. Casual Bitch
2. Waste
3. Waiting
4. You Think You’re So Cool

The band has been in existence for the last two years, sporadically playing gigs all over Mumbai and Delhi. Sujit Kumar, the bands front-man explains, “Although we’ve been around for awhile now we haven’t played too often and a lot of people, while they may have heard of the band, don’t really know our music. That’s why this EP is "free". We couldn’t think of a better way to promote our eventual album next year and thought this made more sense than hiring a PR agency.”

Overhungs sound borrows from most genres but is somewhat rooted in old school Glam Rock/Metal. The boys don’t dress the part, but one look at the themes of their songs is enough to surmise that the tagline coined for them by the venues promoting their gigs is true, “the band that brings the party”.

Overhung live gigs feature insane stunts and choreography by their wild vocalist Sujit Kumar, backed up by solid playing by the rest of a band that thoroughly enjoys what they do.

The EP has been recorded almost entirely at home in the Drummer, Sheldon Dixon’s house, except for the vocals and mixing, for which the band has turned to brilliant Indie producer Ayan De of MidiCore Studios.

On an interesting note, the band has chosen to push the EP in a unique way. They are launching a campaign asking their fans to send a self click picture of themselves wearing the newly designed Overhung T-Shirt. The only criterion is that the click must be sexy and the T-shirt in the picture must be visible. From the 24th of Aug to the 7th of September, the band plans to upload each day, one pic which they will ask their fans to like/share. The picture with the most likes will be converted into a gloss pull out poster for their physical EP launch, which will be distributed for free next month.

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