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Harsha Iyer Out With His Second Album, When It's Time(Part One)

Harsha Iyer Second Album 2012

Singer Songwriter Harsha Iyer from Chennai put out his first record "Curious Toys" last September. Well now he is out with his second album "When It's Time". It's split in two parts consisting of 11 songs each. So the first part "When It's Time" (Part One) is out on Bandcamp for "free". The record was released online on 18th July 2012. The second part of the same second album is coming couple of months later.

Artwork: When It's Time (Part One)

Harsha Iyer When Its Time

Tracklist: When It's Time (Part One)
1.Better Prospects
2.In The Name Of Entertainment
3.Mystery Woman
4.No Easy Answer
5.Never Enough
6.Awkward Silence
7.Let Me Into Your House
8.Like A Fool
9.This Is Not It
10.15 Year Old Lily
11.When It’s Time

Sonically the second album "When It's Time" is very rich and lush having it's moments of dynamics between fast and slow the songs are theatrical, mood setting, highly textured with layered arrangements. There is a definite difference of exploration and shift from the first album’s raw sound to a more refined and polished acoustic guitar, piano, whole orchestral strings and brass sections (and many other varied instruments) with a little electronic influence as well creating a musical world in the second album where overall its a more cinematic and grand sound .

Lyrically the album deals with the deeper philosophical idea of "When It's Time" for something to go or something to come, something to be lost or something to be acquired. It just does and nothing can stop that almost like life has a life of it's own. People who are caught in various situations during particular phases of their lives when either things unexpectedly come their way or they don’t, when both unpredictable twists, bad times and cruel injustice in their lives occur and they are put in psychologically traumatizing yet humanly relatable situations which go over their heads and sense of a philosophical fate/destiny that they don’t seem to have control over in their lives, consistently takes place.

The album was a completely solo project by Harsha Iyer being the singer-songwriter, playing and performing all the instruments and sounds you will hear on the record.
Recording, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering all the music was done at his own studio called "Studio Utopia".

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