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New Post-Rock Band From Ahmedbad - As We Keep Searching


Post rock is a relatively unexplored territory in India yet. Being largely instrumental with minimal to no vocals, it is easy to sound pleasant with post rock but tough to sustain it for some minutes and not become monotonous. One such band is Ahmedabad based As We Keep Searching, a three member outfit formed in 2013. With influences such as God is an Astronaut, Karnivool, Tool and Mutemath, the music is largely post rock. As for the theme, the band keeps it open and tries to express the emotions and life experiences of the band members, are a bunch of old friends.


Their debut single that was released in early December, ‘The Tattva’, is a mix of delicate and riffed guitar portions and spaced out vocals in Hindi. The instrumentation is intense, and the track slightly lengthy, but has enough diverse parts to keep the ears interested. The band was also quick to come out with an experimental music video in the next two weeks, which only betters the experience of an ambient track.


It’s a different sound coming from Gujarat, and members of AWKS feel 2014 is going to be an important year for this experiment of theirs. As of now, we can await the release of their second single ‘Aakorxon’ on Jan. 10th and follow the guys here:



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