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Progressive Rock Band Antariksh To Release Their Debut Album

source Antariksh Band New Delhi based progressive rock band Antariksh are all set to release their debut album ‘Khoj.’ The album will be released by the end of August. The album comprises of 11 songs and lyrical theme of the album is based on a quest to understand our very own nature and discusses topics like ethical dilemmas, identity crises, hope, greed, chaos, realizations, etc. Artwork-Khoj

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see The band comprises of Mridul Ganesh (Vocals), Varun Rajput and Gurtej Singh (Guitar), Vipul Malhotra (Drums) and Raghav Verma (Bass). The band incorporates elements of rock, pop, carnatic, and funk music in their music.  

God of Small Strings, Baiju Dharmajan features on one of the songs from the album titled Tum. Apart from him, Indian classical singer, Rini Rajput, Gaurav Chintamani from the popular fusion band Advaita, Kartik Dhar from Nasya, and Sidhant Mathur are also featuring on the album.


The album has put teasers from the album. Listen here


Watch music video of Dheere Dheere here

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