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Rampazze Released Debut Music Video, Inspiration

Rampazze Inspiration Music Video 2012

In the fall of 2006, four young and hungry college going teenagers started Rampazze. Extensive touring, top flight gigs, livewire performances and the release of the cult EP, "Cheap Liquor...Wicked Hangover" resulted in nationwide recognition.

Currently recording their full length album, Rampazze have released a music video for the single titled "Inspiration" - their 1st official music video, which won them an award and earned them rave reviews. You can check it out below!

"Inspiration" was released on 5th July 2012. The video is about a young boy with a magic box going around collecting elements for a face.

The music video was directed by Viveka Chauhan of Pencils Tribe, a Delhi based film maker and produced by Guwahati based arts and entertainment company Spirit Underground.

"Inspiration" won the best music video award award at the 5th International documentary and short film festival in Kerala.

The video has also been invited to be featured at the sixth New Jersey Independent South Asian Cine Fest (NJISACF) 2012, produced by the Asian American Film and Theater Project to be held in New Jersey, USA.

The music video titled "Inspiration" by the Delhi based Rock 'N' Roll band Rampazze includes Abhishek Boro (Lead Guitar), Shaveer Ahmed (Bass Guitar), Himangshu rava(Lead Singer) and Rui Xing (Drummer), all of whom are from Assam.

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