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Surjo Releases New Song 'Raw Pull Of My Heart'

Surjo Pull Of My Heart

Jamshedpur based ‘Heart-String Bluesman’ Surjo Bhatacharjee has recently released a song titled ‘Raw Pull Of My Heart’ from his upcoming debut album. Interesting thing about this song is, he has recorded the solo in single take with eyes closed. Duke Purisima and Arun Shenoy Music Publishing Inc. have worked on bass and drums in the song.


A hardcore blues music lover, Surjo is largely inspired by SRV for guitar and Robert Plant for vocals. Surjo is one of the most technically and musically accomplished musician who can play fretburning shreds and heartfelt bends with the same intensity. 


He recently worked with Baiju Dharmajan for the ‘Play with Baiju Contest’ and he also plays with Shilpa Rao. With his previous band, he has opened for bands like The Raghu Dixit Project and Motherjane. 


Apart from Raw Pull of My Heart, Surjo has given several songs for free download.


Find Surjo’s music on Reverbnation here

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