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The Down Troddence Releases Album Art And Teaser

The Down Troddence Band 2013

Metal act hailing from Kerala, The Down Troddence (TDT) are all set to launch their debut album titled, "How Are You? We Are Fine Thank You". The Album title is a symbolic portrayal of the ‘Authority’  asking out of pseudo concern (How are you?) and the satiric reply of the common man (We are fine, Thank you) out of resigned helplessness. Themes of their songs revolve around perspectives of people in the society who feel oppressed and hemmed by obstacles the authority pits against them. 


Artwork-How Are You? We Are Fine Thank You

The Down Troddence Debut Album

Tracklist-How Are You? We Are Fine Thank You


02_Hell within Hell

03_Death Vanity



06_Forgotten Martyrs

07_Muck Fun Mohan





Produced by the highly acclaimed, guitarist Keshav Dhar of Skyharbor, the band is all set for a November release. The Album art has been conceived by upcoming artist Abhijith. They had recently unveiled their new logo/mascot 'Pottan', designed by Wow Makers. 


The band is scheduled to start its album promo tour by the end of November.  


The album teaser can be heard in their Official Soundcloud page.

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