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Indian Underground Bands

Underground Bands

No sponsors, No limelight ,No fame and as it follows naturally no or very few people who listen to your songs , well i am not talking about some singer of years who has been all forgotten as it sounds, but i am talking about Indian Underground Bands, who struggle to make some good music that would speak something related to the "Society" or "Life" without earning anything , they are those unrecognised or rather say unfortunate mob who are driven by a passion for music.

These bands mostly comprise of some like minded people (mostly college students)who do not have any godfather but do have some talent whereas on the other side no sponsors means they have to arrange for every equipment they need to work on, like one gets the drums the other a guitar and if they can afford one, a DJ console, but they dont use it the way it is used in hindi song remix, reason being, isn't it stupid to use useless screeching thats too rough on ears, again no sponsor means that a friends bed room is used as a makeshift recording room and this compromise often reflects on their recorded songs eg, useless echo or some noise. But as they say every cloud has a silver lining many bands have come up to surface and are enjoying every bit of their fame, we hear their songs in concerts which mainly are from famous bands otherwise song by underground bands are mostly spread through written CDs and bluetooth sometimes ( 1 phone to another).

But now they have a platform, making serious efforts to remove anything thats underground about them, like Channel V Launchpad, but they did it for TRPs ,didnt they?, and yes many bands did surface their, well since i am not neck deep in to rock, i can say that many websites are trying hard to promote Indian Rock And Metal music, but simultaneously a search engine , always searching for passionate bands and gets them the recognization they deserve, future is finally looking up for these bands.

"Screw It ,Let's Do It"

Pravin Prajapati(LordMessiah)

Pravin Prajapati

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