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My First Metal T-Shirt


When I was growing up as a child, it was early nineties and I was surrounded by young guys wearing those black T-Shirts, printed on them were the words like "IRON" and "MAIDEN" or "AC-DC". Then, I was about 5 or 6 and don't have any idea of what those words meant. So I use to ask my parents but the answer they gave is not so humble. Rather they asked me to keep myself away from those stuffs and those kind of guys. They said those guys are "bad". I was afraid(still I do) of my parents more than anything else in this world so I tried not to think about those words and when I see boys wearing such shirts, I tried to ignore. But it all changed one day, the day when I went to a friend’s place. His brother was also wearing a black T-Shirt and he was playing some kind of music on his music system that I liked the very moment I heard it. So I went there more often, not to meet my friend but to listen to the songs his brother listens to. One day I asked him about the music he was listening and also about those black T-shirt. What he answered I don't exactly remembered but I remembered that he gave me some cassettes featuring such kind of music and thus introducing me to the world of what is known as METAL. Although I don't want my parents to know about those things but they somehow found it out that their son is also in the same path, those "bad boys" walk. They realised that it is of no use to ask me to keep out of such noisy and anti "God" (that’s what they call it) music and thought that as I'll grow up such craziness will fade away with time. But what they didn't realise that the more I listen to those noisy anti "God" music the more it grew in my heart  and started to flow through my veins and the arteries.

From the day I realised the glory of wearing a metal T-shirt I always wanted to buy one, but was afraid to ask my parents for money( I don't think that I need to explain the reason why). But now since they already knew everything it was like an official permit for me. So finally i buy my very first metal T-Shirt with the letters "AC-D and C" printed on it, which I used to wear almost anywhere and everywhere I went to and I feel proud of it.But now the times are changed. The agony and pain one had to face to go to a metal concert is gone. The melodic guitar solos are surpassed by the fast ones so is the clean vocals by the growling one. What we used to hear became "classic" and a new era of Nu-Metal has begun. But what is not changed is the proud and glory of having your very first metal T-Shirt. The shirt which I'm very sure is tucked in some corner of the wardrobe and still when we look at it we feel proud to be a "METALHEAD".

Chitraranjan Gogoi

Pravin Prajapati

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