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Passing Thoughts

Passing Thought

These are the lines that come to my mind when i think about the scenario of Indian Rock/Metal music in my very own motherland India. What started as a rebellion of rebels has come to a phase of enlightenment, something that you don't imitate or get carried away when others do it. It is something that is less materialistic more realistic and not a sorry or angry state of mind, and since it is true it follows the laws of nature.

Igniton of Rock dates back to 80's and it spread in India only much later,but at that time Rock bands were just a content of covers outfits. Those were the days when if a college youth wanted to leave his hairs long and ask his parents to join a rock or a metal band,parents would throw their hands in despair . In our country the pilot batch of rockers were mostly son or decendents of rich travelling abroad frequently. It was a time when a radio was a necessity, but a cassette or record player were a luxury, a time when you listen to elvis would unleash the emotions in us. No awards presentation ceremony celebrating Indian Rock music although the potential was'nt less either.Time when one band would make their reputation by only covering some legendary bands like BEE GEES,SCORPIONS,LED ZEPPLIN etc .A time of acoustic guitars and back then it remained to the elite upper class. But now the tides have turned,smashing the shores of Mumbai,Bangalore,Pune,Delhi etc with its sounds of destruction.

Times changed, following the said rule and we passed the ignition state and emphasis was to keep the engine gunned. It passed to middle stratum of society and like the popular picture in mind leather pants, skin tight around the crotch area along with a jacket, to top it loads and loads of accessories something our S.M.E still fancies. It not only lowered the sperm count but also upped rock quotient and their scream became more and more hoarse, sporting a mullet were same more typical characterestic of their. Many who were annoyed by the society,education, politics, cinema, marriage or even neighbours were a part of the wagon and to be a rocker indicated failure in studies. When only foreign bands held their concerts and that was a rare phenomenon, songs made by bands were only for private circulation and personal satisfaction. I am still searching for the answer why record labels don't go for a Rock and Metal albums to release ,but even now the history continues. Is it that nobody here likes good and soul original music to listen to.

The wheels moved ahead,the Indian Rock have channelled the fire of its originality and emerged with outstanding results and now here we are in the present age and it seems a different scenario entirely, that clothing derived fron animal skin has been replaced by a levis jeans and Tee's have taken over from jackets, They are still looked upon an icon's but have become more like human. They are educated lot, many of them have given up their high paying job in pursuit of rockness. They do not imitate METALLICA but beleive in concept of originality, they are pulling listiners too, rock still is a medium to vent out their rage, hence many are budding engineers. Hope so the next decade will move ahead with a force and the generation will come out from the swamp called BOLLYWOOD. We are really proud to have bands like "INDIAN OCEAN","SILK ROUTE","PARIKRAMA", who never compromised with thier original music to have an abode for them in "BOLLYWOOD" Events have started happening more often and each one is grander than the previous one, gigs, events, EP, Compilation, Magazines you name it they flaunt it, some band are at par with the elite ones, much can be written about it but i am too lazy to achieve this feat, and yes..."LINKIN PARK" is not a Metal Band.

Pravin Prajapati(LordMessiah)


Pravin Prajapati

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