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Quickstart For Bands On FaceBook


Facebook is the most widely used social networking website today, so I don’t think it needs any introduction. So, let us get it straight to the point how it can be used as powerful tool for creating bands brand, if explored and used in a right manner which many of us fail to take care of and that may affect your fan reach.

Basically, a band can get its existence on FaceBook in the following ways:
1. As a Profile
2. As a Group
3. As a Page

It is very common amongst all of us that we directly jump start and register a FaceBook profile for bands as it is easy and straight-forward thought that comes to our mind. But before you proceed with your registration it is better to better to know the pros and cons of the Profile, Groups and Page as this is going to benefit you in every respect. So let’s see why Facebook provides these 3 ways to exist on their network.


Facebook profiles are meant to be used by people to get themselves in touch with their friends, family and the likes. It’s for real people and not to be used as band brand. So obviously it’s not a good idea to make your band profile as registering a profile will be beneficial only to the individual and not for the band. Although, Profile is essential to create Page or Group but primarily it would always be a personal profile for personal networking.


After the recent developments and improvements in FaceBook, Groups act now similar to Pages but technically speaking both these features serve different purposes. Groups can be suitable where in the community carries a whole lot of discussions and interactions on topics and shared interests. Remember, there is a limitation on a number of Group a user can join. So, for bands to wide-spread their music and fans, this is not the place where the bands shold register themselves.
Groups can be created at following URL:


Pages though look similar to Groups functionally but they just aren’t the same, it comes with many of the additional features which by using you can actually showcase your brands with many of the FaceBook features what the bands really needs. Pages on FaceBook share similarity both with the Profile and Groups, so get the best from both. Also, Pages gives you the SEO(Search Engine Optimization) as Pages are indexed by search engines. Hence, it is always recommended to go for the Pages rather than opting Profile and Groups for bands.

Pages can be created at following URL:

Comparison between Pages and Groups:

Key Feature Facebook Page Facebook Group
Discussion YES YES
Messages YES (via Updates) YES (via PM's)
Visitor Statistics YES NO
Video/Photo YES YES
Events YES NO
Applications YES NO
Social Ads YES NO

Once you are done with the Page creation you need to work on following things:
1. Fill in all the band details properly do not just write one liners and leave it blank.
2. A proper band picture which can be used as a band profile.
3. Fill in contact details and common band e-mail so that you get your targeted business.
4. Upload some band pictures maintaining the profile album, logo & cover-art album, media coverage’s and gigs album.
5. Promote the page with your profile, websites and blogs.
6. Suggest page to your friends.
7. Keep your fans updated by posting regular updates on Page.
8. Use proper FaceBook applications to add spice to you Page.

Go get you FaceBook page done NOW!

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