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Ticket To Bollywood

Ticket To Bollywood

What a dream??? You are some native of remote region looking to make in to Bollywood , you catch "Kanyakumari" or "Avadh Express"( depending on which region you reside) , open your eyes and see you become an overnight star in Bollywood , as if it is as easy as getting down at "Dadar" station from the train you came in mumbai( biggest thing of your life),the city where dreams come true , and as next obvious thing is that you abandon the train(silliest thing ).

I am not talking fancy, but a fact though not in exact terms,try to remember a band called PENTAGRAM a band long forgotten and their lead vocalist "Vishal Dadlani" till the V-Launch pad, caught eyes of some in fillum line and as they say rest is history.The charm for money outcast the passion for former priority, the time spent in making music is now replaced by long hours wasted in an a/c studio just for a single liner, and more hours in studio is directly proportional to the percentage of fat on his body, and he looks only more bubbly with all that fat on those wrong places (pun intended) I suggest a new name "Vishal Bubblani" . And yes why would anybody would be into Rock/Metal music,if there is no money,chicks,fame etc .That's a reality, nobody can run away from it.. But jokes apart, what pleasure does he derive from those silly songs ? Money and fame definately but satisfaction, definately not . Songs like CASH, A CHORI etc,what bloody fuckin shit . A rockstar can be so talented i din't know .Such kickass I can only pitty people as they hear such a beautiful songs, it is only because that they get these cheap songs in market . He has even made some good songs, but if he would have contributed his talent to Indian Rock/Metal music.

Limelight changes our attitude and the way one thinks as well here's an example, when questioned about his favourite accessory "My underwear" was his answer, is that so i exclaimed to myself because for us its necessary, as it supports that organ that hangs, and the smaller the organ the lesser the need, and hence the answer i assume . But in our very own country for some people he is a dude ,"Oh ma God what an answer,check out the attitude....Wow",girls go crazy.Common grow up just think a bit . Seriously again with some facts now , pentagram was a 4 member band, 2 fleed including randolf, 2 still remain from the former band in exile though, little can they do but watch vishal judge little kids on Sa,Re Ga,Ma,Pa who are only too young to apprehand whats happening,again only 1 will win,get some songs to sing in, and will go back to exile like the 2 band members . All for bloody fu*kin fame . Do you think those are reality shows?, it is just for the channels to make money. I ask you people "India" is known for its culture, why don't channels keep classical singing reality shows i think that is what we are . We are nowadays lagging in classical singing. Every youth wants to be a disco dancer, hero and all. Why not bharatnatyam,kathakali etc. I think "Vishal" can judge these stuffs too,cuz the way he was headbanging and moshing on "Vande Mataram" in Saregama. Holy Shit ,is that a headbanging stuff...I want to ask you people.On the other hand when it comes to Rock Show all the mothafu*kin politicians and police come to culture and tradtions. I think there's nothing wrong in that,atleast it's better than those Bollywood videos where naked bitches strip for no fu*kin reasons. But who cares about them,because they would anyhow won't be able to make up in industry .

Pravin Prajapati(LordMessiah)

Pravin Prajapati

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