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Gypsy-Twisted Levity(E.P)

Gypsy-Twisted Levity(E.P)
  1. Gimme Your Load
  2. The Shoemaker
  3. New Boy In Town
  4. Turned Into stone
  5. Judgement Day
  • Band / Artist Gypsy
  • Genre Heavy Metal
  • Label Salute Records
  • Year 2013
  • Format EP
Rating 8/10

A five piece band consisting of boys of young age twisting your mind to produce some great amalgamation of heavy metal/hard rock/glam metal. ‘Twisted Levity’ is the latest and the first product of their toil and fun. Providing them with the desired platform is ‘Salute Records’ from Sweden. This band has also joined hands with ‘Transcending Obscurity’, for management, re-releasing and touring, one of the oldest yet awesome organisation proving helpful to bands, across the world, since time immemorial. Deriving influence from basic main acts like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Deep Purple and the likes, these young boys are upto some real nomadic yet steady awesomeness. One of the uncommon yet great part of this band is the implementation of Sitar, the Indian Classical instrument, bringing out the best in them.


The teaser of their latest offering ‘Twisted Levity’, published on 5th already been approved and loved by all the people in and around. So I couldn’t resist but write few words about these free-spirited young lads and their heavy metal endeavor. The album starts with the song ‘Gimme Your load’ with the perfect hard rock feel, pumping up the listener’s ear for some more. The vocals are perfectly matched upto that 70’s hard rock feel and you could definitely find some resemblance with the likes of AC/DC. The second song ‘The Shoemaker’ is yet another song which is going to be stuck in your mind. The transitions in the song are subtle and definitely portraying the energy the whole EP is going to provide you with. ‘New Boy In Town’ is one of them signatory songs for the genre-lovers. Putting you into the retro-techno style riffing zone and you could live the 70’s all over again. ‘Turned Into stone’ is a modern take on this genre. All the people who aren’t much of a fan of this genre(which is unlikely) would definitely enjoy the song with breakdowns in the chorus and pleasant instruments and vocals. The last song ‘Judgement Day’, which actually happens to be my favorite is a beautiful ballad. The perfect powerhouse of an EP comes to an end with a very soothing ballad which matches the criterion of glam metal, like a glove. The best part is the Sitar which stands out in the last song, and keeps you awed for a moment.


If you’re wondering about the psychic artwork charming your mind, then that was done by none other than the Sitarist of the band, Swarnabha Gupta with the hep of an old photo. Releasing in the semi-chilled atmosphere of November, make sure to be ready with your leather and love, because Gypsy is surely travelling all across your mind to etch their 

materials, for good.


The whole EP is sure to make an impact among the audience with all the poisitivity and I’m sure these boys are soon to make a mark in the scene.

She female from Kolkata having a strong love towards Death Metal. Currently, she is doing Computer Science engineering. She started listening to legends like Deep Purple, WhiteSnake and Pink Floyd as early as when she was just little kid.

In the meanwhile, exploring this arena made her to like more underground forms such as Old school death metal and has formed immense love towards it. She admires and loves music and despises pseudo-genres and trend, having a special love for Indian Music scene and have firm belief that they would go a very very very long way towards success, in the years to come!

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