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Heretic-Words To Epilogues

Heretic-Words To Epilogues
  1. Echoes From A Canvas
  2. Reprise
  3. Choice
  4. Slaves And The System
  5. Words to Epilogues
  6. Alone
  7. Bleed To Heal
  8. Thoughts
  9. Ring Of Colours
  • Band / Artist Heretic
  • Genre Alternative Metal
  • Label Unsigned
  • Year 2012
  • Format Album
Rating 8/10

Heretic is a 5 piece Alternative Metal band that comprises of Akhil Unnikrishnan (vocals), Abhijit Namboodiripad (guitars), Hareesh Kumar (guitars), Benjamin Thomas (bass) and Kevin Paul Richard (drums). The band was formed in 2005 in Cochin and has come a long way on the journey to create a sound of their own.

“Words To Epilogues” reels in with “Echoes From A Canvas”, the intro to the record based on the last track, “Ring Of Colours” (which is personally my favourite track).

Number 2, “Reprise” is one of the first tracks written by the band and originally featured on Heretic’s 3 song EP- “Reprised” in 2008. It is very interesting to note how the sound has evolved through the years. “Reprise” returns with guitars crunchier than cornflakes in a Trivium-like way that got me pumped in no time.

“Destiny is not written, it is chosen”. Track number 3, “Choice” starts with serene guitars that fade in and out of it between a groovy distortion wrapped riff. The vocals alternate between growls and clean tones with classical elements that reminded me of Suraj Mani of Motherjane. This tracks makes a good listen; it incorporates a plethora of sounds ranging from the melodic metalcore Killswitch Engage to innovative Karnivool­­-like riffs that blazes into post-rock territories towards the end. What intrigued me most is how Heretic has conjured open an avenue for carnatic-metalcore in between all the chaos ringing around.

“Slaves And The System” is another track that has come a long way with the band since its first feature on the EP. It is tighter than ever before, treading on Slipknot-­like sounds. I didn’t particularly enjoy this track compared to the others but it’s a matter of opinion. “Slaves And The System” man be summed as up as a track that borders between alternative rock and nu-metal.

The title track to the album- “Words To Epilogues” is a captivating listen from the start. The odd time signature prog-rock like riffing on the hook complements the clean vocals very smoothly. Special mention should be made to the production; the guitars and drum tracks have been layered intricately to resonate a spectrum of sounds that blend together seamlessly. Did I forget to mention that Karnivool-­­like riff on the hook that’s got me hooked by the collar?

The sixth track, “Alone” starts off with a riff that distinctly reminded me of Motherjane and proceeded to carnatic-like vocals. I wasn’t highly impressed by this track apart from the part it breakdowns into hardcore drumming and an oddly timed guitar riff that sounded pretty cool.

“Bleed To Heal” was originally featured on Heretic’s 2008 EP. The track sounds far more refined on the record with a fresher, chunkier tone on the guitars coupled with badass pounding on the double bass. It concludes with an orchestral setting that adds a new colour to the track.

The eighth track, “Thoughts” has been released by Heretic with an official video. Creating a wall of sonic distortion, this is easily one of the best sounding tracks on the album. The guitars have been programmed and layered compactly, alternating between time signatures here and there. “Thoughts” sounds slightly influenced by As I Lay Dying at certain points but I wouldn’t confine its sound to that.

The final track on the album, “Ring Of Colours”, also happens to be my personal favourite. The track merges different shades of sounds, ranging from Alterbridge-like melodies on clean guitars that is later complemented with thickly distorted guitars that delivers an As I Lay Dying sound. At a certain point, the track breaks into pure chaos with an oddly timed guitar riff that brought a dark ambience to the “Ring Of Colours”. True to its name, the track eventually blazes into bright flames with the leftovers of a solo that is still left ringing in your head.



Heretic’s “Words to Epilogues” promises a fresh take on alternative metal, integrating diverse sounds including that of Alterbridge, Karnivool, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying etc. within their own sound space. I found myself humming the riffs to “Thoughts” and “Ring of Colours” at odd times of the day and they carry forth the overall theme of record. The production values of the album have been top class and all credit for this goes to Keshav Dhar of the Skyharbor fame.

Arjun David Alexander is a law student at the National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS), Kochi who constantly dreams about doing 'something else'. All genres from Psychedelic Rock to Dubstep & Electronic catch his fancy. He is a die-hard fan of Porcupine Tree, Tool and A Perfect Circle. Always on the lookout for something new to listen to. Drop in a word!

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