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Baiju Dharmajan Syndicate-Mindstreet Tour

  I have waited for 5 years to witness The God of Small Strings – Baiju Dharmajan live and finally I got to see him live with his new project Baiju Dharmajan Syndicate at Hard Rock Café, Pune. It was the 2nd gig in the 10 Years of Mindstreet...

Moshpit 4.0-Live @ On The House(Indore)

The fourth installment of Moshpit knocked on every rock lover/music lover/metal head's door pretty hard, it actually blasted the door open. Though the gig offered an assortment of 8 bands, the gig's purpose was to feature the trendsetter rock acts...

Ritual Ascension Fest-Live @ Xrong Place(Day 2)

Day 2 witnessed yet another brutal, facemelting thrash and death assault. Definitely the turn-out was much less, but that day Kolkata surely witnessed the true music listeners, the energy wasn't one bit less. The proceedings were no bit different...

Ritual Ascension Fest-Live @ Xrong Place(Day 1)

Finally it was 4th August. The day when all the true music listeners flocked around at Southern Avenue, Xrong Place. The crowded arena comprised of people in band t-shirts and also real good ear in music. The gig started a bit late due to technical...

Quadrivium-A Musical Clinic: Live @ Senapati(Manipur)

Jointly organized by Club Muzik and Hills Sound Reinforcement the first episode of "Quadrivium" was held on the 30th June, 2012 at TNK Conference Hall, Senapati. It was an open event with no restricted passes. With an aim to promote local artist the...
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