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get neem After hitting the right chords on stage, JOSHISH is all set to take the studio track with their new release, BETUKAY. The five year old Progressive/Experimental Rock band from Bhopal, consisting of  Sameer Rahat- Bass, Lead Vocals; Shwetang Shankar- Drums, Backup Vocals; Shatarchi Hundet- Lead Guitars; Amit Mishra- Studio/Guitars; and Samar Mehdi- Guitars/Keyboards and Vocals,  has earned itself quite a following with their stage acts. But what has got their followers wondering is whether they will be able to convert their energy on stage to the recording studio. BETUKAY  is the answer – Yes, they can! The intro kicks off with very ‘Diary of Jane’ reminiscent ambient effects that merges into the  guitar riff and builds up to a song that talks about self empowerment and falling out of love. The powerful vocals are perfectly suited to the underlining rage and is precisely supported by the choppy riffing, bass work, and speed solos. The Progressive bits are well crafted and the song slows down and builds up at various points but the energy promised is preserved all through.
All said,  there is definitely potential to be seen with this Single Release and the band is sure to satisfy the existing following they have, and might also earn a place in the list of bands to take notice of under the brand of music they are working on. And when they shout out loud- “sar jhukayegi duniya , hosley hai buland ab mere”, it’s difficult not to applaud the confidence in them.

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