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Susheela Raman-Raise Up Susheela Raman Raise Up Single Review

Viagra Usa Pharmacy When it comes to the confluence of world sounds, Susheela Raman does it like never before! The British-born Tamil singer/ songwriter is widely known and sought after as the one of a kind performer, the amalgamation of an Indian voice with Blues, Rock, and Soul and other western styles. The single RAISE UP is exemplary of just that.

Buy Cialis Online Cheap Uk The song is an energized blend of western styles with the sounds of Rajasthan. Susheela’s powerful vocals are backed by singer Kutle Khan’s "rajasthani" melodies along with a rhythm infused with Sam Mills's enraged guitar solos and foot tapping Indian percussions. Yes, it is that chaotic, but that is the fun of it. It is all about the pulse and restlessness that makes it an interesting listen and even after the third or fourth listen, it feels brand new, almost as if it is constantly reinventing itself.

Buy Cialis In Mexico The song exudes a kind of raw energy that keeps the listener gripped so much so that when Susheela urges to "Raise up your hands, higher!", it is impossible to resist. And that is exactly what makes it a winner, because the foremost purpose of a song is to make itself felt!

Priligy Online Order I will recommend at least one listen for an unbiased music lover, I bet- the infinite others will be on your own account!

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