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Blind Image Announces New Guitarist Prior Dubai Tour

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Blind Image Rama IMR

BLIND IMAGE announced that the show at IIT with VILDHJARTA will be the last show for their guitarist VG Pranav. A post of Facebook read “We are looking in to replacements. This time around, we have decided to take our own time to pick the new guitarist who will fit the band not only as a guitar player but as a permanent band member too.


Watch Out: Sulafest 2012 Is Here!

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Sulafest 2012

SULAFEST 2012, the fifth edition of what has become a must-experience event, is bigger and better than ever! For the first time BlueFrog, India’s leading live music pioneers, come on board as festival partners. This year Sulafest will be a two day event, building on last year’s sell-out event. This “gourmet” live fest, complete with terrific food, wine & tons of other cool stuff, takes place on the 4th and 5th of February 2012 at the picturesque Sula Vineyards in Nashik.


White Beryl Talks About Upcoming E.P Incredulous

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White Beryl_Interview_IMR 

There is a sense of contained excitement among the Alternative Rock quartet, WHITE BERYL from Delhi. Reason being, the impending release of their debut E.P, INCREDULOUS which takes their music, played live at various venues, in and around Delhi and other cities, a good, huge step forward.


Franks Got The Funk-+he Nex+ Level(E.P)


Funk/Alternative rockers from Chennai, FRANKS GOT THE FUNK, fool the listeners in many ways. Firstly, their logo is a skull wearing a hat and smoking a cigarette and no, it’s not a Slash influence. Nor is their music Hard Rock or Grunge. Second, it has a very dark, sinister look about it, which is contrasting to the music they make. 5 tracks and 23 minutes of your life is all FGTF takes of your time to drown you in delightful, melodious, harmonious ‘funk’isms. All this, through their debut album +HE NEX+ LEVEL.



Band: Five8
Album: Five8(E.P)
Genre: Funk/Rock
Lyrical Themes: N/A
Country: New Delhi, India
Year: 2010
Format: E.P
Record Label: Unsigned


Five8 Debut EP Download

After Sex
I Can't
When It's Tomorrow




Prosody-Paper Plane

Funk/ Alternative Indian Rock band from Pune, PROSODY released their debut album in August this year called PAPER PLANE. This album is a huge and the first big step the band has taken in mainstream direction, after playing in pubs, cafes and college festivals for more than six years now. The album does full justice to the fictional character that the band has always portrayed as its image; that of a young boy looking out of his window, lost in thoughts, reflecting on his life as we all do at some point in our lives. The album cover is interesting too; a spiritual, dreamy touch to it.

Caesar's Palace-Mindfield(E.P)

CAESAR'S PALACE is a band composed of Narayanan Nambudripad, Anurag Shanker, Kishan Balaji, Kenneth Wilson and Jason Zachariah. In a music scene primarily overcrowded by Heavy, Thrash or Progressive Metal, CAESAR'S PALACE is nothing less than a boon for listener’s preferring the lighter side of the music spectrum. Whether one calls them Blues, Jazz, Funk, Disco or anything in between is hardly to be considered as long as the music is enchanting and songs, melodic. It is the debut albums or E.P‘s and the few to follow that determine a band’s life span in a music scene which is always under a state of constant flux. Hence MINDFIELD which is a combination of strict adherence to musical traditions as well as deviation from it is what sets it apart from all the other albums that keep coming out every now and then.



MENWHOPAUSE is a Delhi based five member outfit that was formed in 2001 by Anup Kutty, who also happens to be the former editor of the Indian edition of an International Men's Magazine. One of the first bands to distribute their music for free over the internet, MENWHOPAUSE is currently one of the premier bands of the country. One EP and two successful albums old, this Alternative Rock band is the only one till now that has been sponsored by ICCR, the cultural wing of the Government of India, to perform at Ausin, Texas, in the prestigious SXSW Festival, where they were invited to perform, which also made them the first Indian Rock band to get this honour.

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