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Dawn Of Demise To Release Their Third Album-Rejoice In Vengeance

Dawn Of Demise New Album

Dawn Of Demise from was formed in 2004 by Bjørn Jensen and Martin Sørensen with the sole purpose of playing heavy and catchy Death Metal. Bjørn’s brother Scott from the 90's Deathgrind band Infernal Torment, came out of retirement to do vocals once again. Dawn of Demise is by far the least "scandinavian-sounding” band from Denmark and can be best described as a blend of US Death Metal and New York Slam Death Metal. The band has always emphasized on heaviness and catchiness rather than speed and technicality. Their recipe for Death Metal has basically remained the same since day one and they have proven this on 2 full-lengths and 1 E.P, all released through Massachusetts based label, Deepsend Records.

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