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Cloudkicker New Album “Subsume” In The Works

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Cloudkicker Subsume

One man Juggernaut, Ben Sharp, the brains behind Cloudkicker plans to release the next album, titled “Subsume” come September 14th. What started as a Modern Prog Metal mean-machine, Cloudkicker expanded its soundscape towards a conventional post-rock sound, with the last full-length album, “Fade”. You can read IndianMusicRevolution’s review of “Fade” here: “Subsume” can be pre-ordered for 1$ or more from the band’s Bancdcamp page:


Puscifer-Donkey Punch The Night(E.P)

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Things had been dead silent in Camp Keenan for a while now, on all fronts. Even Keenan was not sure if there was going to be a Keenan album, by the end of 2013. And then low and behold the farcically conceptualized outfit that is Puscifer drops a not so farcical EP on us, the sixth record in its kitty since the band’s inception six years back. 


Kaav-Rhapsody Of Rains

Before I’d seen Kaav play live at the Gathering Storm in 2010, I had no clue who they were or what genre of music they played. The trio threw in a mysterious Progressive Rock bordering on Psychedelic Blues set for what was predominantly, a Metal crowd. Many were bewildered, the rest in Trance. Two years later, the Kochi based band, Kaav has matured from its EP days to the development of a full-length album produced under the guidance of the legendary Baiju Dharmajan (ex-Motherjane, ex-Wrenz United) and even features him on some tracks. Kaav consists of Vypin Island localites - Shyam N. Pai handling Electric and Acoustic guitars, Shabeer P. Ali on Bass Guitar and Arun S. Kumar on Drums.


Falloch-Where Distant Spirits Remain

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These Scottishmen have surely made an album, attractive enough to add to the blackgaze phenomena. I personally am a Metal fanatic, but coupling atmospheric feel with clean vocals has made this band a complete favorite to me! FALLOCH in Scottish Gaelic means hidden or in hiding. However, this band has kept nothing hidden and have finely portrayed their musical skills openly.


Chandresh Kudwa–Conqueror

Rock guitarist and co-founder of DREAM OUT LOUD, one of the biggest bands in India, Chandresh Kudwa released his debut solo album CONQUEROR in November this year. The album is an out-and-out solo effort by Chandresh Kudwa with Frank Basile behind the drums and Grammy-winning Bob Katz as producer. Let us see, what do we have in here!

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