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Interview With Antim Grahan(Nepal)


IMR: Hello Parash! Firstly, I would like to thank you on behalf of Team IMR for the interview with IndianMusicRevolution. As you guys would be new to our readers, can you describe the origins, inception & history of ANTIM GRAHAN from the beginning till today?
Antim Grahan(Parash):
Hey Pravin, thanks for the opportunity and it is our honor to be presented in IMR.
We started out as a usual bunch of guys during the school days with no prior concern of becoming a serious metal band. We just started playing because it was fun. But after fooling around for a couple of months with all the noise making, and getting the right member in with similar choices in the music, we started ANTIM GRAHAN. We started out as a relatively thrash influenced melodic metal with the heavy essence of Black Metal band and we took out an album soon after FOREVER WINTER. And that album pretty much set up the tone for our path in future. We knew that we had found something, which we had always wanted.  Although now the genre that we played before has shifted a bit now and we play more of Brutal Death Metal/Grind Core/Black Metal for our new stuffs. We have released 4 albums till date and going to the studios in mid June. The new stuff will be the heaviest metal release ever in Nepal.


Stone Sour Reveals New Album Title


Des Moines, Iowa based Metal/Rock band STONE SOUR have revealed the title as AUDIO SECRECY for their highly anticipated new album which is expected to be released this summer. The album is being produced by Nick Raskulinecz (FOO FIGHTERS, RUSH) and is in the final stages of completion at BLACKBIRD STUDIOS in Nashville.


Scar Symmetry Posts New Video Online


SCAR SYMMETRY, the Progressive Death Metal band from Sweden have recently uploaded their latest musicvideo clip for their single THE ICONOLAST.

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