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Uddipan Released His Indi-Rock Debut 'Zindagi'

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Uddipan Sarmah Artist 2012

Bangalore based alternative rock artist Uddipan Sarmah, one of the country’s most fresh alternative rock act released his debut solo-album "Zindagi" on the 10th of December 2012. This is without a doubt the artiste’s most ambitious work till date and will feature the newest addition to his sound, hindi lyrics and the Indian sensibility. The songs are packed with a strong nu-age feel that evokes futuristic imagery, of sorts and highlights his ability to flawlessly merge his love for metal, alternative, rock/pop and other far-fetched forms like hindustani classical music.


Junkyard Groove-11:11[Bootleg]

Band: Junkyard Groove
Album: 11:11[Bootleg]
Genre: Alternative/Rock
Lyrical Themes: N/A
Country: Chennai, India
Year: 2009
Format: Full-Length
Record Label: Unsigned


Junkyard Groove Bootleg Download

Rock 'N' Roll
Been So Long
Folk You
It's Ok
Let You Go
Thank You
Feel Like A Knife




Interview: Akshat Vaze(What Google Can't Find)

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IMR: Hello, Akshat Vaze! Okay, so before starting with the interview, it would be great if you could give a brief run-down about the bands origin since younger days?
Akshat Vaze(WGCF): WGCF started off as a onetime thing for me and the drummer, Aashish, back last year when it wasn’t a band. We were called to be a part of the instrumentation of a German theatre group known as "Bunte Buehne" which was a part of "Max Mueller Bhavan" here in Pune. So we, I don’t know why, stuck around for a couple of months and we played around. We actually started off as a German cover band. We officially started off in July/ August of 2010.


Junkyard Groove Issues Band Updates/E.P

JUNKYARD GROOVE issues the following band updates:
On the 13th of April 2011 three memebers of JUNKYARD GROOVE, Siddharth ,Jerry & Craig announced they where quitting the band to move on to other things. The only surviving member of the original line up Ameeth Thomas decided to continue carrying the flag for the JUNKYARD GROOVE camp and announced a new line up on the 14th of April. The new line up consists of Hudstin Fernandez who played drums during the absence of Jerry in 2009, Naveen Thomas who has been playing lead guitars for the past year in the absence of Siddharth and 17 yrs old prodigy Sajith Satya on bass. Junkyard Groove is currently working on a 5 song E.P called BUSKER which will be released SOON!


Junkyard Groove-Live @ HRC(Gig Review)


Ok, after all the calculations and all the confusions I went there and I won’t regret it. Confusions because I was not sure if they’re going to play and calculations because I was in Ahmedabad for 2 yrs and I got that habit of thinking about all the pros and cons before investing on anything. But when you’ve got cash in your wallet and one of your favorite band playing live in your city something just pop out of somewhere and you can’t do anything about it but to be there in the place where the show is going on and that’s exactly what happened to me. Well I don’t think it will sound crazy if I say that I was a first timer both at HARD ROCK CAFE(New Delhi) and at a JUNKYARD GROOVE live show. Yes I know there’s always a first time for everything.


Junkyard Groove Band Updates

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JUNKYARD GROOVE's lead vocalist Ameeth Thomas has issued the following updates:

"It’s been a long time about the band updates. A lot has been happening first and fore most I would like to thank you for all the support we have been getting. We recently IT's OK hit No.1 on 95.0 FM Delhi and has become a part of the main play list on Chennai live 104.8 FM. If you would like to hear our song in you city please call into your radio station and request for the band.""On the other hand, the band will be on Tour in October dates with Mr BIG . YES THAT’S RIGHT MR BIG!"

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