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Age Of Agony-Follow The Way Of Hate


FOLLOW THE WAY OF HATE by AGE OF AGONY a HUNGARIAN band, I must say is a good and well composed album from the OLD SCHOOL DEATH METALLERS after their first release WAR,HATE and BLASPHEMY somewhere in 2005. The band really looks very serious with their music and have evolved throughout their musical career. With their recent release you cannot expect more neither less from the band, the band knows what they are capable of and what they can deliver to their fans and works accordingly.


Vietah-Zorny Maroz


VIETAH, is a solitary project by ANTARCTIS with multi-instrumentalist quality hailing from BELARUS, a pure AMBIENT BLACK METAL project. Words would surely fall short to describe VIETAH's penetrating music which creates a black atmosphere all around. Initially, I thought that this would be another artist from NORWAY or RUSSIA hitting the black fields on the horizon. I was shocked when I came to know that VIETAH is from BELARUS, but on the other hand I was happy too when I came to know that AMBIENT BLACK METAL roots are emerging from other parts of the world too. The music has influences also from the DEPRESSIVE BLACK METAL genre which can be easily found in some of the tracks on this opus.

MASTERPIECE, would be the only suitable word to describe the opus ZORNY MAROZ. The best way how I can honour this album is by not comparing it with the rest, I feel this would simply kill the  album. Many folk's comment, VIETAH’s music is mainly influenced by BURZUM, I agree but also it has got something more than that I personally feel. The use of keyboards here is of the highest degree and what BURZUM failed to do in his compositions. Painful vocals,melodic solos,ambient keyboards and distorted guitars are some of the characteristics of this album.

Entering into the dark forest,you will find yourself to be spellbounded by the ANTARCTICS painful voices and gloomy music. ZORNY MAROZ U DALINIE ZIMOVAJ IMGLY/STARFROST IN THE WINTERFOG VALLEY, the first compsition about 12:16 minutes long starts with slow paced memorable riffs and tortured vocals. Next composition,TLIENNIE/SMOLDERING ONE OF THE BEST composed track with a very melancholy and dreary feel to it that can easily carry away the listeners.The third track of the opus VIETAH DY SAMOTNAJA ZORKA/OLD MOON AND SOLITARY STAR is a beautiful dark instrumental with slow repetitive guitars. U PRASTORA PA-ZA INSZYM BOKAM/TO TH SPACE BEYOND, one of my favorite from the album is a nice hatred filled composition and I really like the way ANTARCTIS has delivered the pain.I love the mysterious opening to this next song ADCZUZANASE/ESTRANGEMENT, which is one of the best classic instrumental in recent times. The track reflects pure black emotions and great musical creativity.

Simply put, ZORNY MAROZ in a short period became one of my favourite opus and a top AMBIENT BLACK METAL album to ever come out of BELARUS. The degree of excellence in composition, musicianship and production values shows a band that really tried hard to come up with a competent result. This is just a debut album by VIETAH, I am just wondering what else would be there for us to hear more.

BOTTOM LINE: Followers of dark, here you die! (RECOMMENDED)

--Pravin Prajapati(LordMessiah)
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