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Shades Of Retribution Releases New Single Bibhotso

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SOR Bibhotso

SHADES OF RETRIBUTION have released their new single BIBHOSTO on 24th October,2011. It is available for streaming on their Reverbnation and Soundcloud page. The single is from the band’s upcoming 2nd full length album ODHO-POTON (Downfall Of Mankind).The single has been recorded at LUCID RECESS STUDIOS. 


Compilation:The Best Of North East Indian Metal


First of all “Kudos” to North East India Rock Music for bringing out this compilation. It’s not just another album but an effort in bringing out the best in the region and give them an exposure in the national level. North East is always a home for western music (not just metal). From years it is the venue for many rock concerts hosting from White Lion to Scorpions also producing bands like GREAT SOCIETY, LUCID RECESS, SOULMATE and DARK HORIZON who already made an impression in the hearts of metal fans all over the country creating legends like Lau Majaw. But there are many who have that potential but still in search for some exposure. And this album is exactly going to provide them the same.

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