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Think of Dubai and the first thing that comes to your mind is men clad in “dishdashah” with the “thagiya” on top, or maybe the camels in the vast deserts, or even beautiful Arabic poetry and music. You will "MOST DEFINITELY NOT" think of 3 men playing Metal music and screaming out lyrics in Arabic, with Death and Thrash Metal written all over their body languages. Well, that’s exactly the sort of stuff that NERVECELL does and believe it or not, they do it real GOOD. PSYCHOGENOCIDE is the second studio album for the band, and apart from changing your notion of Middle-Eastern Metal bands for one, this one takes you on a hellish ride through deathly riffs, excitingly carved out guitar solos and menacing growls from start to end. Don’t wait till the end of this review to buy the album would be my personal suggestion to all of them Death Metal freaks out there!

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