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Interview With Skrypt(Abbas Razvi)

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IMR: Hello Abbas! Thanks for doing this interview with IndianMusicRevolution. Since this is your first interview with us, could you briefly introduce the band and its members? A short history, so to speak, to get our readers up to speed with SKRYPT!
Abbas Razvi(SKRYPT):
Hey. Well SKRYPT was formed when Scenic and Ramya met up with Rajiv and Akhil in December 2006. They started jamming and were looking out for a bassist. I moved to India from New Zealand in May 2007 and by June 2007 Scenic got in touch with me and I was in the band. We played our first gig in July 2007 and things have been getting better since then. After about 3-4 months of being together we won competitions like YOUTHOPIA and CAMPUS ROCK IDOLS(Hyderabad). Been gigging hard since then and have played over 30 gigs now. We have had a couple of lineup changes in the 2nd guitarist department. Our current lineup is – Scenic G: Vocals, Ramya Rao: Guitars, Ravi N: Guitars, Abbas Razvi: Bass, Rajiv Kumar: Drums. Ex-members: Akhil Kodamanchili: Guitars (ALMOST SEPTEMBER) & Joel K: Guitars(WRECKAGE)


Skrypt Releasing New E.P Discord

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Thrash Metal outfit SKRYPT from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh will be releasing their upcoming E.P entitled DISCORD this month. In support to the album launch, the band plans to gig across the varios cities in India.

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