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The Mezz: A Tribute


Yesterday evening as I was walking down New Friends Colony, I saw that the sign board for The Mezz a pub in that area and a regular venue for Metal gigs was missing ,I asked the waiter who was standing outside Daawat Khaana (the restaurant opposite to the mezz which was in collaboration) what happened, to which he replied that it has closed, I enquired till when, to which he said forever. On this hearing this I was shocked, as now one of the premier joints for metal and the place which had pretty much introduced me to the scene was now over.


Illdisposed-There Is Light(But It's Not For Me)

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Melodic Death Metal was probably the first modern genre of Metal that I got into, well unless you consider KORN and LIMP BIZKIT to be real Metal. Me and my friend were really into this genre in college, bands like ARCH ENEMY and IN FLAMES really appealed to us because they were quite accessible unlike the more extreme forms of Metal which we did not understand at that point of time, because of this we started valuing everything that came out from Europe while dissing their American counterparts. We even thought CALIBAN was kickass just because it was from Europe but the fact is it wasn’t even Melo-Death it was Metalcore!. This fascination had reached its peak when we had seen FREAK KITCHEN at Great Indian Rock and my friend said “Yeh Swedish log funk bajaate hain toh bhi phaad hota hai yeh guitar ke saath paida honte hain kya?”(These Swedish even if they play Funk its awesome are these guys born with a guitar or what?) Looking back I really miss those days and ILLDISPOSED while not being a perfect album reminded of the good times we shared.


Talanas-Band Interview(On The Waspkeeper's Pre-Launch)

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IMR: Greetings Hal Sinden! Before we start off the interview I was wondering if you could give a short introduction about the band’s inception for our readers and also the significance behind the band’s name TALANAS, how does it fit the band’s style ofmusic?

HAL: Greetings, and thank you for reading! TALANAS started in September 2008 immediately after the demise of INTERLOCK - the industrial metal band that Joe & I were in(signed to ANTICULTURE RECORDS). We struggled for ages to come up with a decent name as so many have been taken now by tiny, one-person bedroom bands on MySpace. Eventually, we found talanas completely by mistake whilst looking for names of beasts & mythical animals, it turns out it's a type of insect and have recently discovered that's it's also a solar phenomenon. The name itself has been quite useful since it’s unusual and hard to forget. We could’ve gone with one of the more ‘fashionable’ long emo names like ‘November My Cold Heart Betrothed’ or some othernonsense but TALANAS seems to grab some attention in a good way.

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