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Caesar's Palace-Mindfield(E.P)

CAESAR'S PALACE is a band composed of Narayanan Nambudripad, Anurag Shanker, Kishan Balaji, Kenneth Wilson and Jason Zachariah. In a music scene primarily overcrowded by Heavy, Thrash or Progressive Metal, CAESAR'S PALACE is nothing less than a boon for listener’s preferring the lighter side of the music spectrum. Whether one calls them Blues, Jazz, Funk, Disco or anything in between is hardly to be considered as long as the music is enchanting and songs, melodic. It is the debut albums or E.P‘s and the few to follow that determine a band’s life span in a music scene which is always under a state of constant flux. Hence MINDFIELD which is a combination of strict adherence to musical traditions as well as deviation from it is what sets it apart from all the other albums that keep coming out every now and then.

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