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State:Chaos To Release Chaos|Pain|Despair Soon

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Dutch Metal band STATE:CHAOS featuring former members of CALLENISH CIRCLE and DESENTISISED will release its debut album, CHAOS|PAIN|DESPAIR on 7th March 2011 via THE BRITISH LABEL CASKET MUSIC. The CD was recorded by Hans Reinders at PIT STUDIOS and was mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacobs(TEXTURES). The cover artwork was designed by HELLBORN DESIGN.

01. Forbidden Ground
02. Bringing The Pain
03. Never Again
04. From The Grave
05. Ashes Of Misery
06. Everlasting Pain
07. Hybrid Breed
08. Fatal Destination
09. To Die Again
10. Destroy The Selfmade King

According to the band's official biography:
"STATE:CHAOS music is a mid-to-fast-paced adventure, with many elements from the modern Scandinavian Death Metal and the older Bay Area Thrash Metal working well together. Solid drumming and bass parts, insane tight riffing, solos that almost have the passion of Dimebag Darrell and a wide variety of grunts and screams makes STATE:CHAOS chemistry one of a kind."

For more information, visit STATE:CHAOS Official Website.

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