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Mortal Infinity Radical Response 2012 has hooked up with Digital Media Records and Mortal Infinity for the exclusive premier of the track "Radical Response" off the German thrash act's forthcoming album, District Destruction. For a fistful of relentless and hook-laden thrash, click yourself over to this location and turn it up.


Sylvan Realm Streaming The Lodge Of Transcendence In Its Entirety

Sylvan Realm Streaming New Album 2012

Sylvan Realm's 2011 Eclectic Dark Metal masterpiece "The Lodge Of Transcendence" (Reverie Recordings) is now streaming in its entirety at

Read more... Re-Issues Colosseum Doom Metal Albums For The USA

Colosseum Doom Metal Albums 2012, under license from Firebox Music, have re-issued all three albums from Finnish Doom Metal legends, Colosseum. The band are best known for their severely atmospheric and richly depressive doom compositions. Their first album, "Chapter 1: Delirium," is often heralded as a "must have" for all doom enthusiasts.


PRC Music Owner Issues Statement On Passing Of Steeve Hurdle

Steeve Hurdle PRC Music 2012

The following is being issued on behalf of PRC Music:



Funky, meaningful, sarcastic, thought provoking - "Topiwalleh" is like a breath of fresh air, and right from the first song, you know instantly you’re hooked on to an album of some mettle. The album was released last month in an overly packed BlueFrog at Mumbai, and the crowd got more than its money worth, grooving to a set of ten songs that were so complete and fulfilling.

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