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Exhumation-Consider This


After five years of anticipation, Indian Death metallers EXHUMATION is finally out with their third offering CONSIDER THIS. After churning out two devistantly brutal records AMONG THE DEAD & FOR PERSONAL CONSUMPTION ONLY(EP), a lot is expected from this release. To the fans I would like to say – stop reading guys! Go grab the album. Because CONSIDER THIS doesn’t disappoint. Incase you are unconvinced, let’s CARRY ON!

CONSIDER THIS features 8 original tracks. EXHUMATION wastes no time in jumping into action as the intro track ALL THAT IS opens up with a brutal in-your-face death metal riff & blastbeats coupled with Aditya’s intro growl that will immediately tell us what these guys have been doing all these static years. It also features a short but brilliant solo. A killer opening track which keeps the listeners interested. The songs are mostly around the 3 and a half minute mark. Hamza Kazi’s chops have never been better as his brutal blastbeats keep the songs rolling while Prashant’s tremendous death riffs & Aditya’s George Fischer- esque growls led to the creation of a non-stop brutal album. Sadly, P-man’s bass is hardly audible. The only exception to this brutality is WORSHIP THYSELF, which starts off a slow distorted riff but picks up the pace soon. The outro ALPHA OMEGA isn’t as brilliant as the intro but it no doubt ends the album on a perfect note.

CONSIDER THIS touches new heights of brutality in the Indian Metal scene. If you are a Corpse or PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT fan, EXHUMATION can be easily included in your playlist. Don’t expect tracks like RACIAL SLAUGHTER or ON THIS PLATTER, but they good in their own way. While the full album is killer,
the key tracks are definitely ALL THAT IS and WORSHIP THYSELF. The album production quality is top-notch. The guitars & vocals can be heard clearly, as well as the drums, but you may miss that ‘raw’ sound. Talking about lyrics may be pointless, but they are well written & misanthropically good.

EXHUMATION may have changed their sound a bit, but they are brutal as FUCK. The album is a no-nonsense , 27 minutes of pure brutality. After five years, EXHUMATION is still going strong and they just left much more for us to expect from them in the future albums!

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