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Mallika Sundaramurthy Talks About Abnormality's Debut Album!

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Mallika Sundaramurthy Abnormality IMR Interview

Abnormality is an Extreme Metal band formed in 2005, hailing from Massachusetts, United States. They're a female fronted band, pursuing the heaviest sub-genre of Death Metal and providing us with a brilliant hybrid between technicality, speed and some devastating grooves. I recently had the oppurtunity to review their first full length album, "Contaminating The Hive Mind" and had a chit-chat with the vocalist, Mallika Sundaramurthy, regarding the album and much more.


Abnormality-Contaminating The Hive Mind

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With the increasing rate of bastardization of Death metal these days, it's hard to find a band that's doing true Death Metal to keep the spirit alive. With the amalgamation of Death Metal with Hardcore and the bands opting for technicality, the song structure and unadulterated Death Metal was left behind. However, Abnormality has portrayed a clinical display of Brutal Death Metal with their album "Contaminating The Hive Mind".

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