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Paapi 4-Paap

The members of PAAPI 4 call their genre Humor Rock. Their debut album PAAP released through SAREGAMA RECORDS, is a mix of seven tracks and was released in October last year. Well, Humor Rock does put you in anticipation of lots of comedic elements in the music. Lonely island comes to mind with the mention of humor music. But PAAP is less about that, and more about the freedom of day-to-day Hindi slang in song lyrics, which do make the songs interesting to hear at first listen. If you can count on yourself to jump with joy at a regular five minute mundane conversation between you and your friend making it to the lyrics of a song word by word, the album’s going to bring you oodles of joy. Nothing comedic though. What you can watch out for is some very good quality sound recording, and hope to catch the band live some day, because that would be the time these songs would get the right response.

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