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Corrupted-Garten Der Unbewusstheit

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For almost a decade, CORRUPTED have made some of the most bizarre, grim and menacing Doom Metal which has set up the blue print for the Doom/Sludge Metal genre, thus inspiring many of their contemporaries. And the strangeness isn’t limited to the sound itself, as the band has a strict policy which prohibits the media from taking any of their pictures or interviews, which add to the oddity of the music, as the personality of the musicians will always be a mystery. Their last album EL MUNDO FRIO proved to be a big surprise, as they had traded their usually slow, thick earth shattering guitar riffs for one loooong(an hour and a half) atmospheric soundscape, though being experimental it got a lot of positive reviews from both fans and critics, some even calling it their magnum opus. With all of these circumstances there were huge expectations for their next album, which brings us once again to the obvious question does it live up to them? Well, lets find out!


Drug Honkey-Death Dub

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Sludge/Doom Metal is probably my favourite Doom Metal sub-genre, I really like bands such as GRAVES AT SEA, BURNING WITCH and CORRUPTED. I am a sucker for really raw loud guitar riffs, that’s why I got into Metal in the first. So when I found out that I was going to review a band that was something on similar lines I was really excited and called up my friend at one in the morning and told him about to which he wasn’t too enthusiastic about,(obviously you can’t be too enthusiastic at one in the morning). But was all this excitement worth it? Well let’s find out!

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