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Circle Of Contempt-Entwine The Threads(E.P)

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Following weeks of hype and speculation Finnish Tech Metal crew “Circle Of Contempt”, have finally released their 3rd record “Entwine The Threads EP”. Circle of Contempt have undergone a crucial line-up change, and now possess vocalist Denis Hautaniemi in place of former vocalist Riku Haivisto who had been on the debut full-length “Artifacts In Motion”. They have also incorporated Ville Patrikainen as their new member. The Axe-wielding duo of Risto-Matti Toivonen and Ville Patrikainen and beastly skin-slammer JP Kaukonen has reprised their roles as the founding members.


Devilish Impressions Inks Deal With Lifeforce Records

Devilish Impressions Lifeforce-Records

Polish Blackened Death Metal act Devilish Impressions has inked a deal with Lifeforce Records. The band's third album, Simulacra, will be released on 30th July in Europe and 31st July in North America. Wrapped in breathtaking artwork created by Xaay (Nile, Kamelot, Necrophagist), the CD features guest appearances by Orion (Behemoth, Vesania), Jacek Grecki (Lost Soul) and Roman Bereznicki (Lecter) as well as session synth/ samples/ fx appearance by Flumen (Asgaard) and Lestath (Metransmissional).


Sangre Eterna Will Release Asphyxia In February

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Sangre Eterna_Asphyxia

ASPHYXIA, the second album from Serbian Melodic Death Metal band SANGRE ETERNA, will receive a worldwide release on 17th February 2012 via the Canadian label MAPLE METAL RECORDS. The CD features guest appearances by Aleksi Sihvonen (NORTHER), Tapio Wilska (ex-FINNTROLL, NIGHTWISH), Juha Kylmänen (FOR MY PAIN), Jarmo Kylmänen (ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW) and Jovana Karajanov (TALES OF DARK). The 11-track effort was recorded in late 2010 and was mastered in Germany by Stephan Fimmers (NECROPHAGIST).


Obscura: Drummer To Release Instructional DVD

OBSCURA drummer Hannes Grossman will release his instructional DVD, "Progressive Concepts For The Modern Metal Drummer". The 2-DVD set features almost four hours of lessons, clips, and live footage of both OBSCURA and NECROPHAGIST and is available for pre-order at HERE along with complete details on the DVD.


Gorgasm-Orgy Of Murder

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With a name like GORGASM and an album called ORGY OF MURDER, it’s pretty obvious that you are not going to hear soft romantic love songs, so if you are the type who likes romantic music that you can listen to with your girlfriend I suggest you go to Michael Bubles Myspace page. Now as far as everyone else is concerned keep reading below and you might find something worth listening to, especially all you Brutal Death Metal fans.


Interview With Crypted(Siva SBK)

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IMR: Hello Siva! Greetings from Team IMR for the release of your debut release EQUILIBRIUM (E.P). How has your response been so far for the latest effort?
Well, so far we’ve got some good reviews from the people who we’ve sold our CDs to. A few of our friends who have no clue about metal seemed to like the title track a lot. We’re yet to receive extensive reviews with some in-depth comments on the EP though.

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