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Heaven And Hell Records Responds To Trademark Infringement Claim

Heaven And Hell Records 2012

In March of 2012 Heaven And Hell Records released a limited 1000 pressing CD for the band Overlorde SR (formerly known as Overlorde) titled "Medieval Metal Too". The release is an archive of the band's material recording from 1983 to 1989. Many will remember the North Carolina band from the track "Keeper Of The Flame" featured on the Metal Blade Records's Metal Massacre VIII compilation and their infamous 1985 "Medieval Metal" EP.


Compilation: Naktala Metal Pally(Vol-II) Out Now

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NAKTALA METAL PALLY(Vol-II) compilation has been launched recently on 10th October 2010 at The Basement, Kolkata by the internationally acclaimed guitarist Mr.Vikramjit Banerjee of KROSSWINDZ. Though a metal compilation album, it got sponsorship from S.S Music (a very popular music instrument store) and also from a NGO called Model Societies Assam & Silchar (MSAS). This is a huge step towards developing the underground music scene as generally sponsors shy away from such niche albums.


Underground Chaos Vol. 1

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The Flaming Skull Distributions is proud to announce that we are the official distributors for the Compilation Underground Chaos Vol. 1.
This compilation features 22 bands from Pakistan and you also get a free poster with every order. We have limited copies since this is the first international release that we have procured so order now.


Passing Thoughts

Passing Thought

These are the lines that come to my mind when i think about the scenario of Indian Rock/Metal music in my very own motherland India. What started as a rebellion of rebels has come to a phase of enlightenment, something that you don't imitate or get carried away when others do it. It is something that is less materialistic more realistic and not a sorry or angry state of mind, and since it is true it follows the laws of nature.

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