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Spektr To Release New Album This February

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Spektr Band

French Industrial/Ambient/Black Metal band Spektr is to release a new album entitled "Cypher" on the 5th of February in Europe and 19th of February in North America on Agonia Records. Cover of Cypher and more news on the release are available below!


Debut Single "Dunklen Passagier" By Throne Of Regression Out Now!

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Throne Of Regression Dunklen Passagier

Throne Of Regression is a young and new Experimental Black Metal project hailing from New Delhi, India. The band was formed in the summer of 2012, when the lead guitarist Ekyum Singh Sawhney and the rhythm guitarist/vocalist kicked the plans of forming a fully fledged band. Further, looking out for people, Gaurav Gorain joined the band as a bassist. And the music still plays...


Inferion Opens The Vault And Unleashes "Aborted By The Sun"

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Inferion Aborted By The Sun

You may already know of Inferion's "The Desolate," the Black Metal whirlwind from Mr. Everything Nick Reyes. But in 2003 Reyes's recorded an EP of blast-beaten, aggressive Melodic Death Metal called "Aborted By The Sun" that was recorded under the name "Farewell My Angel." The original plan to release the EP was halted after the hard drive with the original mixes/master was damaged in a fire. A recent discovery of those original files led Iraq War veteran Reyes to re-record much of the EP when time permitted during army special forces and selection training at Fort Bragg, GA. The EP has now been released under the Inferion banner.


Ritual Ascension Fest-Live @ Xrong Place(Day 1)

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Finally it was 4th August. The day when all the true music listeners flocked around at Southern Avenue, Xrong Place. The crowded arena comprised of people in band t-shirts and also real good ear in music. The gig started a bit late due to technical complicacy, but the madness unleashed at about 2 p.m, when gates finally were thrown open for Ritual Ascension Fest. Checked and allowed, people were waiting for the intensity to start.

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